When I Make a Lot of Noise It’s Because I’m Empty

January 3, 2017

Remember that person who stood out from the others? The one that always seemed to want attention? No doubt that they were special, they made a lot of noise, it’s true. What we don’t know is that inside they were empty. Because when we make a lot of noise there is actually a void, a big hole inside of us.

Empty people are those who do not listen to others. It is as if all of the external messages were a mere interference that lacked information. But they also surround themselves by many people when really all they want is to escape loneliness.

“Just like jugs, the more voids there are the more noise they make … so are certain empty people.”

-Alexandre Dumas-

So much noise betrays our insecurity


When we make a lot of noise, we believe that no one will notice the insecurities inside us. An insecurity that you may deny because you do not want to see it.

Have you had self-esteem issues in the past? How have you coped? People with low self-esteem and a lot of insecurities sometimes make a lot of noise to try to disguise the emptiness they have inside so that the attention of others is never diverted towards their interior at all.

It is true that the decision to play down reality is not always a bad idea, but once we were aware of it, we are prepared to act against the changes that occur. This passing and deceptive relief can lend us a hand in a timely manner, but will be a potential problem if applied continuously over time.

Have you been surprised by the way you talk too much, interrupting and wanting to be the center of attention? If so, why haven’t you looked inside yourself? It’s scary to discover that you are not as strong as you seem. It’s scary to discover that you are fragile, but you have to do it. The image you show will never be real until you heal yourself on the inside.

“The pursuit of perfection is a disguise for insecurity.”

-Paulo Coelho-

Remember that all of us have felt empty at some point and we’ve all been fragile at some point. The important thing is not to try to fill that emptiness with things that do not really fill us, but accept it in order to start to fix it from the moment we started to drown in it.

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The path of humility

young woman with mask and braid

Believe it or not, being humble is much better than wanting to be someone who is admired with a trace of falsehood and bitterness. Humility never has a negative answer, but quite the opposite, since it starts from the bottom and looks straight ahead and doesn’t neglect the possible dangers that may appear.

There are people who are afraid to be humble because they think they will go unnoticed. If this is your fear, something is not right. You’re probably unsure about who you are, you have a self-esteem problem or you’ve gone through some painful experience and this is your way of facing the pain you’ve suffered.

“If you think too big for the small things, you may be too small for the big things. Be humble.”


We confuse humility with simplicity, when really it is simplicity that is within greatness. Moreover, within humility is the ability to listen, be mature and empathize with others. Humility means all of these things and although you don’t stand out the same way you do when you make noise, at least you won’t be empty.

Start gradually introducing humility into your life. You will find that you will begin to know how to listen to others, and it won’t only be your words that matter. Also, you’ll manage to learn from your mistakes. You’ll stop wanting to be the best and you’ll begin to grow.

Find your true essence

If you’ve discovered you’re insecure, that your self-esteem is not as high as it should be, that you are afraid and try to meet all these shortcomings by making a lot of noise, it’s time to start looking within yourself and for your true essence.

Each of us is unique and we must stop sheltering ourselves with appearances that will not heal us. You will notice that making a lot of noise does not help you fill that emptiness you feel. It also won’t help the fact that you are surrounded by many people.

And it was then that I realized that, despite being surrounded by many people, I felt terribly empty inside.

boy holding a parrot in his hand

Digging through your voids may be painful, but necessary. We cannot be completely happy if we do not solve the problems we have within us. Only we can look them in the eyes. It’s time to uncover the place where we have been keeping everything that scared us, everything that hasn’t gone away over time.

When you are aware of all this and are willing to grow, you will understand that you don’t need make noise because that won’t solve your problem, it only masks it. Are you ready to fix that emptiness you feel inside?

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