I'm Not Afraid Anymore

I'm Not Afraid Anymore

Last update: 27 December, 2015

A scared little girl looked through the bars on the window…she watched the world go by, not daring go past those bars. But life wanted her to learn, and though she didn’t want to leave her hiding place for the longest time, life took care of it and sent the world knocking at her door.

Since she was a well-educated girl she ended up opening up. Frightened at first, she poked around and finally opened her doors to all sorts of creatures: elves, wizards, fairies disguised as witches, and witches disguised as fairies. Sometimes she would become so entranced with the wizard’s games, that when he ended up disappearing, it left the girl feeling lonely and sad.

Sometimes, a fairy would surprise her with kind words that would become daggers headed straight for her heart; other days she felt fear when faced with the strange woman who wasn’t necessarily that odd, but it scared her nonetheless.

Little by little the girl started to recognize the fairies from the witches, the fake magicians that made mistakes. One day she was profoundly happy; she felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness and she realized…

She wasn’t afraid of anything. She no longer looked at the world through her window, because now it was her knocking on other scared little girl’s doors to show them everything she had learned from her visitors in the short time they been at her door.

From that point on, she always told herself and repeated to the other girls: “Now I’m not afraid of anything.”

How to stop feeling scared

If you can relate to the story you’ve just read; if you feel fear to face life, other people, and the rest of the world, don’t worry or be ashamed of your fear.

Life, experience, teaches us little by little, makes us stronger and no matter how much you try and hide, life will always come knocking at your door.

happy in nature

So don’t hesitate to…

Live through your experiences

Experience is the only thing that helps us grow, and learn from our mistakes; don’t be afraid to make mistakes or have other people make mistakes with you. We all make mistakes, all the time.

Stop regretting the things you’ve done

At one point or another you thought this way, due to your age, circumstances or personality, but that’s over. Let go and don’t carry around your mistakes. Once you’ve learned from them, all you’re doing is holding yourself back.

Reflect without martyring yourself

If you feel like someone has wronged you or you have wronged them, reflect on it, apologize or forgive others and move on. It’s not good to keep our brains full of anger, when it doesn’t lead us anywhere.

Ask your loved ones when making the final decision.

Lots of times we feel lost; there are a lot of people that besides loving us, have the ability to calm us down with just a few words. Listen to then, but be the one to make the decision.

No one knows you better than yourself. Lots of times you’ll have two paths to choose from and only one to choose. Choose after having reflected on it; don’t kill yourself over what would’ve happened if you had chosen the other path. What’s done is done and when you made that decision, you thought it was best.

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