I Am the Garden that Grows Within Me

I Am the Garden that Grows Within Me

Last update: 10 May, 2016

Today, I’m choosing to take care of myself. Finally, I’m choosing to be strong and give a voice to my desires, to put up walls against my vulnerabilities, against the people who take me away from my essence. I am my attitude; I am the garden that grows within me, that I need to take care of every day.

When was the last time you made yourself a priority? I know, it’s not easy, nor does it ever seem appropriate to do so. How can we attend to our own needs if we have families, friends, jobs, and responsibilities to satisfy? But whether you believe it or not, it is necessary. And nobody is selfish for “cultivating the garden” that they have inside of them.

Now I understand that I should take care of myself, that it’s vital to listen to the voice that tells me that I deserve time for myself, that I should deal with my sadness, heal my wounds, and achieve my dreams. I should take care of myself so that I can be okay with myself, and thus, okay with the rest of the world.

It’s curious how day after day, we forget to take care of ourselves. And despite that, others continue to think we’re selfish: because we’re not at home enough, because we don’t do what they want us to do, because we don’t say what they want us to say.

Life can get pretty complicated if we don’t learn to establish priorities properly, if we don’t choose what deserves our time and what doesn’t. However, the people around us should also realize…We each need time for ourselves. We all need to take care of our inner world in which we can find shelter, strength, and security. Only when we achieve inner happiness will we be able to give the best of ourselves to the people we love.

I am the garden that grows within me

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You are a garden made of colors that sometimes fade and wither. You are strong, but you have forgotten your essence, your pillars of strength, because your roots are being poisoned by hurry, fear, anxiety, and maybe even other people that keep you from being yourself.

If you choose to take care of yourself, if you decide to take a step towards your inner world, it’s time to free yourself from those outer layers that keep you from growing, breathing, and glowing with happiness.

How can you do this? It seems easy to say, and even to recommend that “you have to take care of yourself,” but we’re not talking about preventing a cold, lower back pain, or a stomach ache. We’re talking about the existential emptiness that keeps us from being happy, that keeps us from being ourselves. Take note of how we can cultivate our inner “garden” so that we can regain balance.

1. Moments of calm, solitude, and silence

To take care of yourself, first you should pay attention to yourself. There’s no one better than you to listen to what you need, what is hurting you, and what is taking you away from your core.

Find moments of calm throughout the day during which you can be peaceful, listen to your inner voice, and simply turn off the buzz of worries and other voices.

You should be still now and then. And to do so, it’s best to find a calm setting and relax. Regulate your breathing, and little by little, follow the zigzagging path that will lead to your heart. Ask yourself what is happening, what you need, what you want, and what you’re missing.

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2. Learn to be free of thought and free of what takes you away from yourself

Your inner garden wants to grow, but there are things in your life that prevent it from growing. First of all, you should see if there’s anything inside yourself that makes you put up walls.

Avoid worrying about things that aren’t important. Stop valuing the people who darken your life, and don’t pay attention to their criticismbecause it doesn’t define you. Don’t give strength to people who harm you, and don’t be their victim: free yourself.

You are the person who steers the course of your own life, and as such, you must take the wheel every day. Learn to fight for what you want and channel your efforts in this direction: towards simple, pure, and genuine happiness, where you have people who you truly love.

Live with strength, walk your walk, and free yourself from the chains of people who try to trap you with selfishness and emotional emptiness.

3. Enrich your life by searching for things that define you and make you feel alive

Life is a learning process. It’s experiencing and reveling in the shared knowledge of humanity and nature. Find your passion and make it your journey. Let the things that enlighten you on the inside give you daily hope and a reason to feel useful and competent.

Don’t forget to foster your social relationships, because people are a great source of knowledge. Cultivate your inner garden by learning new things every day. Enrich yourself so that you can grow, so that you can be emotionally and mentally free.

Few things are as wonderful as seeing the world with the curiosity of a child, and enjoying life with the passion of an adult who feels free, who takes care of themselves because they know that their inner happiness is their strength to help those around them.

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Images courtesy of Marie Deschams, Art 3D Devianart

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