The Importance of Showing Your Love

The Importance of Showing Your Love

Last update: 17 March, 2016

When we say that someone has “come into our lives” it means they have stopped being just any ordinary person and have begun to play an important role by being with us. We get closer to that person and we begin to feel comfortable.

In those moments, you begin to sense warm feelings arise and it is reciprocated, the best we can do then is try to maintain it and show it.

When we love someone, it’s not just about the feeling, you also have to show it and engage the other person in our experience.

Show you love them

Sometimes we love that person, but don’t know how to show it. It can be a friend, family member or your partner. We may even take for granted that they know we love them and don’t want to lose them.

“When we want to, we must have the courage to say it, and when we say it, we must have the courage to do it.”

-G. B. Clemenceau-

Ovedia Rosales, a therapist, says that showing you love someone makes them feel more willing to continue loving you.

Therefore, it would be very positive if we told our parents and children more often that we love them, care more for our friends and fight for our partner’s feelings more. Today we’ll give you the keys to do just that.

giving love

Six keys to showing your love

There are many ways to show someone how we feel and we are likely to overlook its simplicity. It won’t mean much to us, but the other person will consider it to be very special.

1. The smallest details are the most important

The sum of small gestures strengthens our relationships more than we think. There is an error in thinking that giving a great gift to someone at a particular time will make him or her stay in our life forever. A great action or a magnificent gift is no guarantee for the future. The best guarantee is day by day: caring for that person every time you remember them and showing that they are important to you. They will appreciate it.

2. Love yourself first

It is very beneficial to know that if we intend on loving someone, we need to love ourselves.

We often think that giving ourselves to someone completely is a way of showing love, but it is not if we forget our individuality. Respecting our personal space is the only way we can love ourselves and others.

3. Knowing them well is the first step

Do not forget that each person has their most sensitive points and if we want them to feel special, the first thing we must do is get to know them.

At the moment we know their likes, fears, worries and what makes the other person happy, and the only thing left is to prove it. Let them know that you can minimize their bad times and foster the things that make him or her happy.

Remember that a chocolate bar, a walk, a letter or a simple call can brighten someone else’s day.

4. Share your time with them

One of the most valuable things we have in our lives is the ability to do what we please with our time. It is for this reason that sharing it with others is a way for showing love and desire.

It is very important that the other person knows you want to spend time with them, although it can get quite complicated for reasons such as distance. However, if you can, do it.

couple on the beach spending time together

There are many ways to reduce distances and share our time, even if it means sharing our life. Surely you can think of a billion ways to do it.

5. Show affection

There is a saying “el roce hace el cariño” meaning “close contact breeds affection”, and that cannot be truer.

It seems too obvious, but in many circumstances we forget that those who love us occasionally need our expressions of affection. It is not only physical contact but a smile, for example, can make someone feel embraced.

6. Trust the other person, accept their way of being and respect it

Listen to him or her as if this were happening to you, forgive and show what you feel.

Because loving and knowing how to show it is loving someone twice. Because if you want them in your life, you must manage to have them to stay with you.

“If love is not seen or felt, it does not exist or serve you”

-The Little Prince-

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.