Loneliness Can Turn You into a Happy Person

Loneliness Can Turn You into a Happy Person

Last update: 22 November, 2016

If we drew a map of feelings and situations, we would realize that, for many people, loneliness and  sadness are very close. This proximity is not only related with loneliness in the first person, but feeling sorry for someone who seems isolated is also common.

However, nothing is further from reality. Loneliness can only be understood as a burden when it is imposed, when a person wants social support but does not find it. This solitude has much to do with the natural need to describe, to speak and tell part of our story.

That is why it is so harmful for older people. They feel they have accumulated wisdom that they need to share which is why they are so grateful when we simply spend time with them. The sorrow that accompanies imposed loneliness also has much to do with time and the feeling that we are not, perhaps, valuable enough for someone to spend time with us.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is chosen solitude; the need to escape the social noise. The effort to distance ourselves for clarity, as if everything we saw up close was blurred. This type of solitude is what makes us independent and provides us with resources to enjoy and feel full, depending solely on ourselves.

“Loneliness is the fate of all great spirits.”

-Arthur Schopenhauer-

You can do whatever you want, whenever you want

If you are a person who loves solitude and living alone in your house, you’ve probably gotten used to being the person you worry about the most. Perhaps even right now you’re weighing the advantages of solitude verses a life shared with somebody.

girl with a cup on a sofa

Surely you are thinking about choosing your plans, not giving explanations or being able to make spontaneous decisions. On the other hand, there is the security you would be given by having unconditional support, the well-being that emanates from sharing, or being able to delegate some of the household responsibilities.

There are people for whom this daily loneliness is a temporary situation and others that will choose it forever. The important thing, whether you are part of one group or the other, is that it’s your choice. Not one that you have to mold because you don’t have the opportunity to live differently.

You will be able to love yourself before anyone else

They say that loneliness helps you grow as a person and helps you get to know yourself. However, keep in mind that this will not be true if you dive into the frustration of not being able to get rid of the loneliness or feelings and start obsessively looking for a way to escape.

“Why do we generally shun loneliness? Because there are very few who find company in themselves.”

-Carlo Dossi-

If you learn to put up with yourself, care for yourself, accept your strengths and your weaknesses, and ultimately, love yourself, you are on the right track to finding real happinessThis is because you are not dependent on having or not having a romantic relationship to get it. The perfect relationship should be the one you have with yourself. Do not forget that from this one will come those with others.

Cultivate good friendships

Who says that loneliness is synonymous with being isolated or not having friends? That couldn’t be any further from the truth! Loneliness is your ability to live your way and that does not conflict at all with having good friends who understand you, love you, respect your way of life and make you happy.

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Also, when you choose to be alone, you are given the opportunity to meet new people because you’ve started doing new activities without company. People who share your tastes will certainly enrich your life.

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