The Worst Sadness Is The One Nobody Sees

The Worst Sadness Is The One Nobody Sees

Last update: 16 May, 2016

Sadness adjusts really well to our spirit when we open it up all the way. If it finds an ever growing hole, it can end up taking up residence.

But where it feels the most comfortable is in the context of solitude. When we are alone, we do not have any qualms about not faking it, about putting ourselves at its complete command.

“Be careful with sadness. It is a vice.”

-Gustave Flaubert-

On the other hand, that state of sadness can cause others to start worrying about you, calling you, taking an interest in cheering you up, wanting to make you feel good again…But with that attitude, they are unconsciously reinforcing your situation, for you are deciding to be alone, but you know that you are surrounded.

You isolate yourself in a comfortable bubble of pain that others try to burst.

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Sadness makes us feel bad, but on the other hand, it brings us to a false calm, immobility, and comfort in the pain. We feel like we do not want to take new risks.

Why does sadness become resistant?

Sadness can become like an addiction. The same thing happens with sadness as with a substance. If the person experiences it alone and does not want to share it, it becomes attached to their existence without any criteria or obstacles. This is in part logical since we do not want to be seen sad and listless.

Thus we go on entering into a dynamic of isolation. If this goes on for a long time, we can contribute to the appearance of depression, the pain that becomes a shadow.

How to fight against sadness?

To avoid getting to that depressive state, it is advisable to prevent sadness from establishing itself inside you. You have to keep making it more and more difficult for it:

  • To start with, distance yourself from drama and the people who create it.
  • Start creating pleasant situations in your life with new people.
  • It is important for us to feel relaxed; for this, we must know how to detect a friend who is not what they seem.
  • Do more things that you like: reading, music, sports, handicrafts… none of this is a loss of time if you keep in mind what we can lose if our sadness becomes chronic.
  • Vent if it is necessary, do not feel ashamed. Go out and dare to be with people even if you do not feel like it… the desire will start growing on its own.
  • Do not close yourself off from life. Look into possible changes, even set goals about how to start over from zero without hurting others.

Absolutely make things difficult for sadness!

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Know how to leave space for sadness without letting it consume you

Throughout our life, we are going to experience sad moments; this is inevitable. Let yourself cry, vent, be aware that you can collapse at any moment and you need to be alone to experience that.

But make it clear to yourself that sadness will not leave you alone if you do not set boundaries and insist on getting away from it, because it is not the desires that have value but the actions that you undertake to leave it behind.

So cry. Cry without people seeing if you prefer, but do not forget that these are feelings that you must not repress but also not let them get comfortable in your soul.

Sadness feels very at home in a solitary soul; nobody bothers it and it will not leave if you do not find a remedy for it.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.