Siblings Are Friends We Didn't Have to Choose

Siblings Are Friends We Didn't Have to Choose

Last update: 13 April, 2016

Our siblings are best friends, and we didn’t even have to choose them. They’ve made us want to disown them, they’ve annoyed us, they’ve ignored us, and they’ve driven us crazy countless times. But despite everything, they’re always there for us, and we’ll always be there for them.

The relationship that siblings share is one of the most intense relationships that exist, with the most ups and downs. However, it’s almost a law that a sense of unconditional love will prevail, one that forges a lasting bond and gives us the opportunity to go through life’s journeys together.

Even though not every sibling relationship is a positive one, most siblings remain united, and sharing love, toys, and happiness with brothers or sisters be some of the fondest memories that we keep.

four sisters

The blessing of siblings

As we’ve said, the emotional benefits of counting on a sibling throughout our lives are immeasurable. Among other reasons, siblings can protect each other from loneliness, fear, and sadness.

So having siblings is always positive for children, and of course, for adults too. Even sibling arguments have an emotional benefit, as they help us to develop our ability to control our emotions, share, be flexible, and put aside negative feelings like bitterness and envy.

Likewise, there are many other abilities that we develop through sharing our lives with our siblings:

  • We elevate our self-esteem.
  • We learn how to be more generous.
  • We become more patient.
  • We avoid emotional problems at an early age.
  • We avoid feeling lonely.

Obviously these abilities can be developed without growing up with a sibling, but in some ways having siblings marks a certain willingness to attend to other people’s needs.

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What we learn from our siblings

The love shared between siblings is incomparable, because they bring us so many sweet memories full of smiles, fun, and closeness. Their hands remind us of toys and happiness, and their faces remind us of infinite loyalty.

Of course, not all sibling relationships are positive. Some of them are malicious rivalries that lack any sort of positive feelings.

Even though sibling rivalry might have arisen naturally, without any fault or slight, perhaps poorly managing that rivalry causes negative feelings to develop and stains a relationship that should have been wonderful.


However, regardless siblings are family. Even if time and distance separate us, we will always do anything to see our sibling smile.

Whatever happens, even if the branches of the tree move apart, we’ll always share our roots. Crying, living, and laughing by each other’s side forever. Because we’ll never forget what we’ve experienced together. We’ll always remember those knowing glances, games, and reconciliations, and unconditional love.

Images courtesy of Claudia Tremblay

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