What is a Wingman?

What is a Wingman?

Last update: 27 April, 2016

Nowadays a wingman classic figure. They keep us grounded and offer a key second opinion when we need it most.

Do you know if you have a wingman? Up next you’ll be able to discover if you have someone close by with which you can talk to about everything, without being afraid of embarrassing yourself or being judged.

A wingman is someone who is by your side at all times. That person who listens to you, understands you, loves you unconditionally, lends a hand when you fall or gives you the hug you need without you having to ask for it.

Because flying, though it gives you a marvelous perspective of the world as you soar high into the heavens, also implies great risks, such as falling right out of the sky for example.

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There are many things that can make you fall, such as doubt, concerns, stress and nerves. Or someone who dedicates their time to shooting at you from the ground, because they can’t stand to see you above them…

That’s why it’s so necessary to count on a wingman. That way you’ll always have someone by your side who understands you when you have problems, who helps you when you’re overcome by doubt, who protects you if some people don’t treat you well, and who keeps you in the air against all kinds of weather.

When we talk about a wingman, obviously we’re referring to those people that are by our side at all times, selflessly, always willing to help us out when we need it, and making us practically walk on air due to the world full of happiness they create around us.

Who can be a wingman?

Actually, there are many figures in your life that can be excellent wingmen. In fact, even you should be a wingman for other people that matter to you.

Mainly, we must think of our partner. That person with which you chose to share your life. That person to whom you give your body and soul. That’s the ideal person to help you in everything, and that’s the perfect wingman.

However, the wingman who’ll help you to soaring heights doesn’t have to be your romantic partner. A family member, like a sibling, your father, or mother are also excellent people that will protect and take care of you at all times.

Of course, a good friend would be a great wingman. That person that knows you almost as much as you know yourself. They will always support you when you’re down and need love and understanding.

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What are the characteristics of a wingman?

In order to be able to tell a true wingman from a fake, you should keep in mind certain characteristics. This is important, because many people portray themselves as great friends, but actually create toxic, dependent, dominating and self-interested relationships. They make you believe they are something they’re not and make you fall into spirals of sadness, rage and distress.

  • A wingman never demands things from you, but makes you demand things from yourself.
  • They won’t act out of selfishness. They only act out of love and appreciation for you.
  • A wingman doesn’t wait for anything in return for the things they do for you. But you will want to do things for them, because they deserve it.
  • A wingman understands you with just a simply glance, and they don’t need to talk to you to let you know they’ll be by your side forever.
  • A wingman is the copilot for your life, and that’s why he’s by your side. But he’ll never take control of your existence, because that plane can only be controlled by you, and he knows it.

So learn to distinguish the true wingmen from the fakes. Find that person that understands you and supports you by simply looking in your eyes. Allow them to fly beside you and make you as happy as you deserve to be.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.