If Your Intention Was to Do Your Best, Don't Feel Sorry

If Your Intention Was to Do Your Best, Don't Feel Sorry

Last update: 30 January, 2017

If you experience regret it is because that valuable person inside of you is looking for you to listen to her and let her heal. This happens to you because she knows that in order to turn the page, you need to forgive and understand that, although it went wrong, you tried to give it your best.

You cannot carry that weight on your conscience any longer. It isn’t beneficial to you because and you do not deserve it. Remind yourself again that the consequences of an action are not eternal.

You’ve suffered enough. You received the criticisms, perhaps experienced some embarrassment and faced judgment. However, they are things that have to happen: when we face our decisions we risk being wrong. No one can be right all the time. 

“I just wanted…”

It is true that acting with the soul full of kindness is undervalued and there are some people who use “good intentions” as a shield to hide their cowardice or make excuses. However, there are others who truly feel bad for their mistakes, because their intention was to give it their best.

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If you’re saying you’re sorry again and again it’s the result of a feeling of guilt that grips you. This convey the frustration of someone who tried to put their heart into their actions and yet the glass shattered with it.

“I’m like everyone else: weak, capable of any gaffe,

but basically good people.”

-Junot Díaz-

You feel tightness in your chest and repentance. It doesn’t help knowing that the person who was affected has forgiven you already. It’s not the situation that hurts you, but rather your conscience. However, the solution lies in another direction.

Dare to take the step toward forgiveness

The only way out is by forgiving yourself. If you want to stop feeling bad, you have to dare to do so. Only when you do will the torment leave you.

Do not lament any more for something you cannot change and that is now the past. In your good intentions lies the possibility to start again; to discover that nobody is perfect and neither are you, even though we would like to be.

“Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.”

-I. Gandhi-

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Making a mistake does not make you a bad person, or a failure. Have confidence in yourself, value yourself and there will be more chances to show yourself that you don’t always lose, and that sometimes you win. Mistakes do not define you, but they help you to become who you are.

Let giving your best continue to be a daily medicine

We need people in the world to be guided by a humble heart full of goodness, even though the results are not always in your favor.

We need to give the best of ourselves to the people we love every day, be there if they need our company and lend a hand when they want some advice. And if we’re wrong? Well in that case we must forgive ourselves and live in peace after having assumed the consequences of the bad outcome.

“Love and goodwill are invaluable in human affairs.”

-Florence Scovel-

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It is true that it often seems that what really matters is not the intention, but the outcome. But sometimes we forget that good will can move mountains and that without it not a single stone could move. So do not beat yourself up anymore and give yourself another chance: it doesn’t always have to go wrong.

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