The Only Sign of Superiority Is Kindness

The Only Sign of Superiority Is Kindness

Last update: 15 November, 2022

“The only sign of superiority that I know is kindness,” the great Beethoven supposedly once said. Being a good person is the only investment that will always pay off, both for yourself and the world.

Some people today say that good people are a mistake made by nature, but the truth is that everyone uses their own kindness differently, smiling upon the world in the most beautiful way they know how.

Kindness is shown through knowing looks, sincere actions, and all the wisdom that comes from being close with someone. It’s there in the hope of changing the world, seeking justice, and being generous.

“Above everything else is affectionate kindness. Just like the moon is sixty times brighter than the stars, affectionate kindness liberates the heart sixty times more effectively than every other religious achievement combined.”


Trust in the kindness of others is a testament to kindness itself

Once in a while, we hear beautiful stories full of tenderness and what we call “humanity.” These noble actions make us light up and shake with excitement, because they’re a true reflection of the things that unite us. So today, we’ve compiled a list of “little” acts of kindness that we found on the internet to make you smile:

1. We can all do favors just because

Somebody saw a car getting wet inside because the owners left the window open, so they took a few minutes out of their life to tape some plastic bags to the window to keep the water from getting in. They wrote a note on one of the bags that said, “Didn’t want your car to get wet! Have a nice day!”


2. The power of empathy

A man saw two women crying at the table next to him. He found a way to lessen their pain and make them smile by telling the waiter that he’d pay their bill.


3. Paying for coffee for someone who needs it

In the last few years, the old Neapolitan custom has returned of paying for coffees in cafeterias or bars and leaving them for people who can’t pay for them. Ask your local coffee shops if you can do this, and you’ll change someone’s day.

4. Helping before competing

This athlete preferred to help her competitor win instead of fighting for her own likely victory. This woman’s name is Meghan Vogel. She ended up losing the race, but we’re sure that to her and to many other people, she was the winner.

meghan vogel

5. The parents of 14-week-old twins distributed ear plugs and snacks on a plane

This was an adorable act of social responsibility and kindness. The parents of twin infants distributed these goodie bags to their fellow passengers to apologize in advance for the disruption their children might cause during the flight.

goodie bag

6. These two boys rescued a lamb from the ocean

People who risk their lives to save others deserve a huge applause. Without a doubt, these stories get us the most excited.

boys rescuing lamb

7. This dog didn’t stop until he became friends with this little Argentinian boy

In this video you can watch a beautiful friendship blossom. The insistence and communication between these two precious souls will make you melt!

8. This group of kids decided to change their clothes to support a friend

These kids exchanged their pants for skirts in support of a transgender friend. You don’t see this every day, which makes this story even more heartwarming.

boys in skirts

9. This mistreated dog found a true human friend

This mistreated dog turned up at a good person’s house searching for help, and he found it. From then on, the person who found him gave him a true home. They posted these photos on the internet and said that they’d found this dog, and they wouldn’t give him up for anything in the world. We’re sure that today this beautiful animal is happy now that he found true love.


Once you’ve read these stories, you’ll never forget that the best tribute we can give to these beautiful people is to imitate them, to make their actions our own, and to continue in the search for justice. Let’s remember that if we sow seeds of love, fear and sorrow will quickly die of hunger.

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