The Perfect Person at the Wrong Distance

The Perfect Person at the Wrong Distance
Sergio De Dios González

Written and verified by the psychologist Sergio De Dios González.

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Every time I think about you I know that you have come into my life for a specific reason, that you are what I’ve been wishing for, that you have the patience and curiosity to get to know me and appreciate the good there is in me and understanding my defects. I know that you’re the perfect person.

But I also know that this distance that separates us, which can be a distance of time, feelings, or people, it’s the wrong one. There’s an abyss that doesn’t let us be together, that doesn’t let us feel each other. It’s a distance that neither of us has created, and yet, it can’t keep us from feeling what we feel.

How do I know that you’re the perfect person

I didn’t have to ask my intuition. When I saw you, when I looked at you for the first time, I knew that I couldn’t stop kissing you, and when we kissed my skin learned to find every crevice of your soul. It was you.

I always thought that the perfect person didn’t exist, but I’ve learned to accept you just as you are because you have done the same for me. And you’ve become that person I dreamed of, that perfect person I always wanted by my side.

Now I know what making love means, I know how to kiss with the heart and I know what it’s like to not need words to communicate. You’ve taught me to admire you, because you admire me. You have accompanied and supported me in order to make my dreams come true. And I know that it’s you because…

No words are necessary…

If we look at each other, words flow out without ever being pronounced. Our thoughts bond together so they can understand each other, so we can make sense of each other without saying a word. Your eyes tell me how you feel, they whisper to me what your lips don’t say. We have learned that sometimes a simple gaze says it all.

couple looking into each others eyes

You have opened the door to my inner world

You tiptoed inside. I barely heard you, and now you feel my ideas, understand them and let them flow. You feel my dreams and get excited by them. You help me make them a reality, help me think that they are possible. My inner world is a place that I can share with you, because I know that you’ll understand me.

We aren’t one, we’re two

You know me and you know that I don’t like the idea of my happiness depending on somebody else. Because happiness is something we build on a daily basis, it’s a reality we must put our whole heart into. It depends on us, and us alone.

We aren’t one, we’re two. We share dreams, the music that makes our life swing, and we’ve learned to respect what makes each other passionate, in a precious dance of respect and trust.

It always feels like the first time

Every kiss, every hug, it’s a caress given for the first time. Our first kiss is eternal, because in every kiss the lips that met for the first time vibrate together and everything starts again. Every word whispered creates the intimacy again, the one we had from the beginning.

couple holding hands

You’ve given meaning to the expression making love

We got naked, our clothes fell to the floor and we made love. We were two strangers making love, because from the very first day we not only bared our bodies but also our souls.

We weren’t only naked bodies. We were desire, love in the tips of our fingers, we were skin that found its home on the other’s skin. We were you and me, making love.

The wrong distance doesn’t keep our feeling away

It might be just a moment, it might be one hundred years, but though I know that it’s you, that you are the perfect person, I feel that in this moment we find ourselves at the wrong distance. Because I can’t share my life with you, because you’re not here with me.

But that doesn’t keep us from feeling like this, from desiring each other, from longing for each other’s skin. You are the perfect person at the wrong distance. But even so, I love you.

“The feeling of distance depends less on space than on time.”

-William Somerset Maugham-

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