I'll Never Get Tired of Dreaming

I'll Never Get Tired of Dreaming

Last update: 13 July, 2016

It takes a lot of effort and hard work to live the life you want, so keep dreaming and don’t give up on yourself. You’re always going to encounter unforeseen challenges. And sometimes, people who you thought would be prepared to help you simply turn their backs, leaving you feeling like you have no energy left to keep going.

Despite all this, I’ve decided that I won’t get tired of dreaming, even if I make mistakes. It’s not that I expect the journey to be any easier just by saying this. What I do believe is that in making this decision, I’m making a commitment to myself. A commitment to the person I am, to the girl I used to be, and to the person I’ll be in the future.

Why have dreams in such a complicated world?

The first thing I hear when I talk about my dreams is that they’re great, but they’re too idealistic. It seems like the world only lets you dream what others want you to dream, and when you break the mold, they look at you like you’re crazy.

We teach children to dream for a conventional life: a job that puts food on the table, marriage, children, retirement…I prefer to dream for a life that’s full in every moment, that starts with a career that I’m really passionate about, and ends in an old age filled with smiles and happy memories.

How much do you challenge yourself when you dream? Do you make goals that really inspire you, or do you look for the same things everyone else looks for? Either option is fine, as long as you make the decision with resolve. It’s much easier to follow the current and avoid raising criticism, but to me it seems like an unfair waste of human potential. We must dream to make the world a happier place.

woman in the wind

Dream to find new opportunities

Has it ever happened that just when you’re thinking about something, a related opportunity appears? For example, maybe you were thinking about how you really needed to take a vacation, and then a few days later, you found an offer for a good deal on a hotel in the place you were thinking about.

This isn’t necessarily just a coincidence. What’s really happening is that when you let yourself dream, you open your mind to new possibilities. And so it’s able to see things that would normally pass by unnoticed. This is the magic of dreaming. The more you give yourself permission to go further, the more opportunities you’ll find. And it’s still your decision whether you take the opportunity or let it pass by.

I think that dreaming is worth it, even if you decide not to take the opportunities that arise. In the end, it’s all about your own existence and what you do with it, and knowing that you’re able to choose gives you more freedom than you think.

Dreaming lets you live more meaningfully

The biggest benefit of dreaming that I’ve seen is that it lets me live life to the fullest. Dreaming opens the doors to new experiences, but it also pushes you to take action. But sure, certain people do nothing but dream, and don’t end up doing anything new. I call them dreamers with potential.

We’ve all been one of those at some point. Maybe right now you’re one of them, and that’s fine. This means that you have many places you can go and many things you can try.

girl with balloon in field

Dreamers don’t conform to the ways other people imagine and do things. I like them because they take risks and live more fully. The best thing about them is that they create, influence, and change the world around them. I like these people because they shake things up, they play, they smile, they cry, and they start again.

Dream to find balance

In life, we go through times when it’s hard just to get up in the morning. It could be because of social pressures, negative emotions, or simple disinterest in whatever you’re doing. When this happens, you really need more than just strength of will to keep pushing forward.

I’ve decided that in these difficult times, I’m going to dream. I will remember what I’ve lost, I will analyze what I need, and I’ll dream for a more promising future. I’ve discovered that dreaming is an excellent way to stay optimistic when the optimism is about to disappear. What about you? Will you choose to dream even if you make mistakes, or do you prefer to remain fixed on reality?

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