Obstacles are Opportunities for Growth

November 10, 2015

In life, we must overcome obstacles in order to grow. Sometimes, timing and circumstance are against us and it is inevitable that we will encounter some challenges that test our limits. But if there is a silver lining to these situations, it is that once you overcome them, you become conscious of the countless things of which you are capable, and once you get a taste, you will want more.

You will want to go higher, farther, take on more difficult challenges, more frenzy, more butterflies in the stomach, more adrenaline. You will get hooked on going the distance because life at the top promises to be amazing.

“The dove struggles against the wind, not realizing it is the only thing that permits it to fly.”

Johann W. Goethe

What begins as pure survival or merely a path to obtain an objective becomes, in the end, a way of life. You become a person who focuses on goals automatically, without getting overwhelmed by the amount of sacrifice and effort that goes into their achievement.

Being a non-conformist and improving yourself is always a positive thing; to be in continuous evolution, transition, and growth is the most human impulse that exists. However, sometimes this drive to constantly be doing more blocks our ability to enjoy our achievements. sprint

We adopt a mechanical mental state in which we only look for change but don’t take the time to observe what is actually affecting our lives. We tell ourselves that need to climb just a little bit further.

But we are not correct. Achieving “the next thing” will not make us happier. Sometimes it’s better to accept what we have and learn to take advantage of it.

We convince ourselves that happiness will come after we overcome our obstacles, but those obstacles are part of life, and happiness is the journey, not the destination.

Therefore, the only thing to do is change our attitudes and the perspective from which we see life. Resist torturing yourself thinking about what the future could be, because if you do, the focal point of your attention will narrow and always be focused on tomorrow and the next day.

And then one day, you will look back and admire all your achievements, but you won’t remember the rough patches that bore the weight of those achievements, the strengths you gained in the process, or the courage you developed so as to not fail in the attempt.

You will have missed out on all the life between those shiny milestones; you were too worried about what your next big personal demand would be.

Widen your focus and be ambitious, search for and be the best you can be, but always keep in mind that you cannot fill the empty space with trophies, but rather with intentions, emotions, falls, and personal satisfaction. 

Put yourself to the test, but don’t postpone your life waiting for the ideal circumstances, because they may never come along.