7 Reasons Not to Give Up on Your Goals

7 Reasons Not to Give Up on Your Goals

Last update: 14 January, 2016

Sometimes you feel like all of your efforts go unrecognized or that no matter how hard you try, you do not achieve your goals. On those days, you want to leave it all behind and dedicate yourself to something else.

Maybe today is one of those days or those moments! But you must not let yourself be defeated by the temptation to give up. On these occasions, it may seem like your goal is too far away to be worth continuing. That is not how it is, though; you have to fight for your whole life’s project. Do not settle for only a part.

The best reasons not to give up are:

1. You can always start over

Sure you have recently tried, but if you failed,  don’t worry. The same thing has happened to all of us. The important thing is to let the desire to give up defeat you. There is no reason to give in so soon. So long as you are alive, you will be able to start over and try it again. The good thing about starting anew is that you already have an idea of the errors that you must avoid, which gives you a certain advantage.

2. You acquire more experience

We are all constantly making mistakes. This is natural, healthy, and good if you know how to make the most of it. Instead of getting frustrated, find the reason for your failure and turn it around. An error is chance for change .

3. There are examples that can inspire you

There are many people who have overcome adverse situations, triumphed, and effectively keep their heads above water. Three of these are:

JK Rowling. On a train ride from Manchester to London the story of Harry Potter came to her mind. It was rather difficult for her to get her first book published. She did not give up and she managed it with a small publishing house. We all know what happened after that first edition, though!

Sheryl Crow. In 2006, when she was already a renowned singer, she fought against cancer and won. She did not give up. She kept going in life, adopted 2 kids, and managed to get her life back on track so well that you could say that the illness left her even stronger.

Madonna. There is little that I can tell you about Madonna that is not already public knowledge, but the most inspiring thing about her is her perseverance, her confidence, and her strength not to give up. We all know that many “princesses of pop” have come into the public eye, but despite the passing of time, she remains the only “Queen of Pop.”

4. You can overcome any challenge

These people did not let anything beat them and they worked until they had achieved their dream. They overcame all adversity. You too can do this. They have shown us the way and that we are able to do it. Look for examples that are most closely related to your desire and focus on them. They blazed the trail for us; you too can follow in their footsteps.

You have to believe in yourself . In your strength, your abilities, and show it. Have confidence in what you have in mind and start acting now. Any mishaps that may have behind you no longer matter; you are stronger than them.

5. The support of others (or lack thereof) can motivate you

If your family and friends support you, it is great. But if things are not this way, if you have people around you who believe that you will not be able to do it, who always point out your mistakes and try to force you to give up your dreams, you have to use this to motivate yourself. So we must not give up if we do not have the support of the people who are close to us; we must achieve it against all odds.

Take advantage of that negative energy that they are providing and look for a way to turn it into something positive. The more challenges you find, the stronger you will be and the greater your desire to put up a fight will be.

6. You deserve it

Whatever you may plan for yourself, you deserve it. However, nothing will ever magically come to you. You have to work until you achieve it. It is a prize for you. Upon achieving it, you are going to feel really good about yourself, like everything around you is going to change. You are going to make a positive change in your environment, a positive change for the world, even if you believe that what you are doing has no importance whatsoever.

7. You are going to inspire others

You are going to be an inspiration for many people who are watching you and who maybe, like you, were just about to give it all up, to quit everything, but when they see you, they are going to go out and start fighting again.

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