Beat Your Negative Emotions through Acceptance

Beat Your Negative Emotions through Acceptance

Last update: 23 May, 2016

There are negative emotions that live inside us like monsters that haunt us and come out in the most inopportune moments, such as guilt, fear, pride, selfishness, envy, jealousy…

Sometimes it’s complicated to overcome a feeling of guilt over something we’ve done, or it’s inevitable to feel fear when faced with a situation that worries us.

It’s probably not possible to eliminate the negative emotions, but it is possible to accept and manage them in order to coexist with them and not allow them to control our lives.

“Emotions are like wild horses. They aren’t an explanation that helps us move forward, but rather our will to do so.”

sea monster

All of us can learn to identify and manage our emotions, but also, we can even identify other people’s emotions by using our emotional intelligence. In this way, we can sense what the other person feels by reading their words, gestures or expressions.