I Want the Best Version of My Childhood for My Children

I Want the Best Version of My Childhood for My Children

Last update: 24 September, 2016

During vacation periods or the holiday season, we live as if we were children. We have that sense of mystery and excitement that makes us see everything around us in a different light. Childhood was full of excitement, dreams, and games.

If we remember it in this way, it is because at least one part of our childhood was worth it; we dream about things that were not at all true, but in this life, sometimes imagination is necessary. Children go crazy with excitement about everything without knowing if they will later be let down,.

I do not want to trick the children I have around me. I simply one the best version of my childhood for all my children. I want to excite them, but also explain to them that their lives do not revolve around fear and regret.

Childhood is an irretrievable treasure in which everything seems so easy that I believe, without fear of being wrong, that it is the authentic life of human beings.

Childhood is playing with your senses open

Childhood is gradually discovering and exploring with your senses. Everything that happens around a child is a reason for them to be curious. They become aware of the world through their senses and it is through them that they will grow and have new experiences.

I have often seen how many children were unsure what gift they should ask for for Christmas or their birthday. I would give them one piece of advice: ask for help looking for a secret place, it can be something abandoned, even in the great are around the entire school, a house, or a perk. A hideaway that lets them take refuge and explore…

We also have to go play, jumping through puddles, even if they splash. If children do not do it, it will be much harder for them as adults and they deserve that sensation. Let them have a pet; when they grow up and remember it, they will realize that their tears bring back their first valuable emotional lesson.

Children in Hammock Balloons

The fact of the matter is that during our childhood, we develop through our feelings, and there is no better way to start doing this than through play. For them, playing is an open door to uncertainty and curiosity, which is why we must not stop encouraging it.

During childhood, damages settle in that will last forever

Constructive criticism can help a child bring out the best in themselves, reveal potential emotional abilities and skills that were latent, but still sleeping. However, destructive criticism, insult or mockery, can leave an impression in their minds forever. If this happens in front of others, it will be with even greater force.

I would never wish that on a child. A child needs to feel unique and special, loved by others, but also familiar with discipline. Giving children love is never spoiling them. Telling them stories to make them feel so good that they think they are living their dreams is not dangerous, either. Through the magical atmosphere of stories, they are taught values, manners, ambition, triumph, norms for living with others, and how difficult friendships can be at times.

Childhood has to be full of kisses, hugs, and caresses

There is nothing that comforts a child more than attention. Knowing that when they leave school, they will see someone who came to pick them up and who also remembered to bring their favorite snack…this is exciting for them. Being greeted with a kiss, a smile, or a hug is perfect for them.

Children are addicted to hugs, they love them. This is the best way for them to know that they are protected. A hug is proof that their world is safe, even if they are terribly afraid sometimes. Give out hugs any time you can. Kiss them ceaselessly on the cheek when they do something good. Children release endorphins when they are shown signs of affection, thus reducing their frustration and, as a result, their aggressiveness.

Mother Hugging Daughter

During childhood, discipline should be felt, not control

Some parents or teachers think that discipline is learned through authority. In reality, children should also be given autonomy to encourage their independence, self-control, and self-esteem, something that will last their entire life.

“In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves… self-discipline with all of them came first.”

-Harry S.Truman-

When a child sees that you have given them your whole trust, they do not want to betray that. That trust will lead them to autonomy, self-discovery, the validation of their points of view. They will understand that there comes a moment when discipline and discovery go together. Even though they may have a “supervisor” who watches their every step, that person will not stop them from taking risking and falling down, though the people who love them will always be there to pick them back up.

There is not a doubt in my mind that a good childhood prevents a future in which we tear ourselves down time and time again, in which we are afraid or feel guilty. This is why I want the best version of my childhood for all children. Just one generation raised this way will can fix the ills in this world.

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