8 Lovely Phrases About Love by Bécquer

8 Lovely Phrases About Love by Bécquer

Last update: 08 November, 2022

Bécquer will always be in style as far as feelings are concerned, because love and other emotions are universal. They transcend time and barriers.

Sometimes, with just reading one of the verses of so many, many poems dedicated to feelings, we can feel relieved, happy, or understood.

Because love and other feelings are a language that we all understand equally, and why? Because who hasn’t suffered for love? Who hasn’t had their heart broken? Who hasn’t felt alone, miserable, and beaten?

The dark swallows will return
to your balcony to hang their nests,
and again with their wings on the glass
they’ll playingly call.

But those who refrained from flight
to contemplate your beauty and my happiness,
those who learned our names…
those… will not return!


Today we dedicate to you the best verses about love from a stalwart of the human soul, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer.

  1. “Tell me, is the wind whining along its way, or do your whispers speak to me of love as they pass?” Nowadays this phrase could seem “corny” to many. But the truth is, when we’re in the first stages of falling in love, we all become a little corny. Don’t you agree? Think back to all of the things you’ve said during these first moments, or how you told a friend that you were falling in love.
  2. “I still love you so! Your love has left such deep footprints in my chest.” Love can really hurt. If we read these words of solitude when no one is looking, we’ll think that they express everything we’re feeling. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed since they were written.
  3. “You were the ocean and I the rock that firmly awaited your rolling tide. You had to break me or tear me away! It couldn’t be!” There are times when love simply can’t be. Our differences, instead of complementing each other, drive us further and further apart. Eventually we become two complete strangers. The only thing left to do is remember the good times with certain nostalgia and to shed a small tear that shyly escapes while we listen to a song or read a phrase like this one on a gloomy day.
  4. “The sun could cloud over eternally. The ocean could dry up in an instant… but the flame of your love could never be extinguished within me.” Some loves are forever. Though time may pass, though our lives may change.
  5. “You say you have a heart, but you only say so because you feel it beating. That’s not a heart. It’s a machine that moves to a beat which makes noise.” When we’re hurt, deeply hurt by that certain someone, this is precisely what we feel… that they have no heart.
  6. “With imagination someone can easily create a whole world out of nothing.” Poets, writers, painters… artists… It’s incredible how they can create authentic works of art out of nothing and excite the whole world. Don’t you think so? We invite you to listen to this beautiful song by Sting as you read this article. Don’t forget to pay attention to the lyrics and read the words at the beginning of the video. They were written spontaneously.


7. “Today is like yesterday. Tomorrow will be like today. It’s always the same!” When you feel sad and think that nothing has a solution and that your life is the same every day, it’s unavoidable to have this kind of thought. Let them out and when you’re in a more serene place, try to change your life and be happy! This too will pass…

 8.  “Solitude is a beautiful thing when you have someone to talk about it with.”  We all need solitude. Enjoying some alone time is wonderful, away from the noise and your worries. But it’s also true that solitude is only enjoyable when we choose to experience it for a while, and not when it’s imposed on us.

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