Emotional Intelligence Is Key to Success

October 12, 2017

Emotional intelligence represents 80% of success in life,” says Daniel Goleman. Emotional intelligence could be the key to achieving what we really dream about.

The philosopher César Ojeda has tried to explain what this union could contribute to your life, based on the studies of researchers at the forefront of the fields of emotional intelligence and positive psychology, such as Goleman, Fromm or Rojas.

Emotions and the modern world

According to Ojeda, emotions still seem somewhat irrational according to Western thought structures. It is as if we have to behave as absolutely rational beings. However, this almost technical vision of the human being, which could be seen as a machine, seems to fade with the passage of time. Even so, the separation of reason and emotions still persists.

emotional intelligence

In fact, it persists so much that we still move in an industrialize life environment where everything happens very fast. In this situation, terms like effectiveness and efficiency are synonymous with personal, social and professional success.

Plus, the arrival of social networks must be considered. Now, the worldview may change for an individual depending on Facebook statuses or Twitter comments. However, all of this leaves aside other feelings like love, equality and even unity.

Emotional intelligence for getting to know yourself

Goleman, Fromm, Frankl and many others have studied the consequences that new trends have on contemporary society. Apparently, they all have come to the same basic conclusion: it’s important to know yourself well. Although this could be thought to be common sense and excessively simple, it has a totally logical explanation.

Remember that human beings have essentially been the same. It is historical and social circumstances that change. However, physically we remain the same.

That’s why emotional intelligence is still as valid now as it could have been 2000 years ago or 100 years ago. It is the ability to learn to perceive, understand and manage emotions wisely and correctly.

Emotions are intrinsic to humans

In this way, all these thinkers and psychologists consider emotions to be intrinsic to human beings. They are integrated in the field of reason, so they can be beneficial at the individual and social level. So, emotions are not the enemies of reason, but rather ideal tools to reach the full potential each person carries inside for a healthier, more harmonious and fuller life.

emotional intelligence

A combination of wise reason and a broad emotional spectrum is perfect for facing any adversity that arises. After all, is not knowing how to tackle problems a key to success?

An intelligent person can rationalize anything. A wise person does not try.

-Jen Knox

Emotional intelligence is key

Emotional intelligence combines a wise approach to face the world, with the positivism of the individual who always seeks to improve himself or herself results in a happier human being.

For this reason, both Ojeda and the psychologists on whose research he bases his studies propose to forget the contemporary aspiration of a sophisticated and technical professional. We should not fit in the right molds, but fit the molds to the person.

Western businessmen often do not realize the importance of establishing human relations.

-Daniel Goleman-

That is why positive emotional intelligence is an idea tool to find a full life. We must forget the excessive redefining of man and the search for high professionalism. According to the authors, the key to success could actually lie in the wise combination of reason and emotions.