You Are What You Make Me Feel, Not Just What I Can See

You Are What You Make Me Feel, Not Just What I Can See

Last update: 28 July, 2022

People aren’t simply what we see at first glance. People are what they make us feel through their luminous glances, their correct words and those hugs that make us feel protected. They are beings who distill a healing and vital emotional power. One which is capable of getting us out of our ruts of sadness.

All of us have experienced that same sensation at some point. Meeting someone who at first glance seemed stand-offish due to their appearance and even lack of interest. This, due to their apparent introversion, lack of daring or spontaneity. However, after a short while, certain puzzling nuances peek through. Colorful and magical details which end up enticing us into a different, daring happiness.

We, as people, are much more than the features on our faces and the clothes that cover our bodies. In fact, human beings have an exceptional and unique energy which transcends that other force which raids our hearts or allows our lungs to take in oxygen. Beyond our organic functions, these emotions define who we are and how we interact with the world.

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