The Mind Reasons, but the Heart Just Knows

September 26, 2017

You find yourself in a tug of war between what your mind wants you to do and how your heart wants you to feel. And then you don’t know what to do. Should you be guided by the emotions that spring up inside you, or should you slowly rationalize the situation?

The truth is, you would do anything to feel happy and free. You would get carried away without restraint if you really knew that it was what you needed. But you don’t know. You doubt whether your heart will protect you from suffering, and so your mind tries to act against it. Who should you listen to?

Well, it’s beneficial for your future well-being for you to listen to your mind and your heart. Yes, both of them. Both of them have things to tell you. Each one has their own unique, special characteristics that they use to understand and act upon the world.

What your mind has to say

When there’s a conflict between the mind and heart, many people try to take a side. On one hand, there are people who think that reason is superior to feelings because getting carried away by feelings makes us vulnerable. On the other hand, some people think emotions are essential for us to be able to love others, and love moves people.

person turning into birds

In reality, everyone is partly right. Humans have both reason and heart, and both are parts of a whole that cannot be divided. Separate, they’re dangerous. The mind uses logic but ignores how you feel, and the heart can guide you but it can make mistakes if it’s not kept in check.

“I like thinking/feeling people who don’t separate reason from heart. Who feel and think at the same time. Who don’t divorce the head from the heart, or emotion from reason.”

-Eduardo Galeano-

If you don’t know what to do, start by listening to your head. First of all, that’s the one responsible for thinking, arguing, and reasoning with your most intimate self. Secondly, your mind can give you the bit of sanity that you might be missing.

What your heart says

However, if you can’t find any other remedy that tips the scale one way or the other, don’t let your heart be a slave of your thoughts. Remember that logic isn’t always right, and that acting out of line with your feelings will lead you astray. It’s good to listen to what your heart has to say.

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People might say the heart is blind, but it’s actually the wisest part of the body. Have you ever heard the saying “reason ignores what the heart already knows”? The heart knows adrenaline, intuition, misery, love, and strength better than anything else. It gives meaning to what you do, even when you think it has no meaning.

“Maybe it’s true: hearts make the world turn.”

-Dámaso Alonso-

Emotions are decisive in the process of reasoning. In fact, they say that feelings mark the path, but the brain chooses the best way to situate ourselves on it.

Calm, listening, caution

Calm, listening, and caution must be your compass. Everything you need to focus and feel better is already within you. There will be a point where you’ll be okay with whatever is confusing you. Above all, realize that you can’t predict what will happen to you, but don’t let your decision hurt you before you even make it.

“I like people who understand that humans’ biggest mistake is trying to get something out of your head that won’t leave your heart.”

-Mario Benedetti-

You’ll find harmony amidst the confusion if you listen, set priorities, and use your values to take you where you want to go. It’s pointless to turn your back on your mind, because you’d be speeding through the situation with no breaks. But neither should you ignore your heart, because then you’d never understand why you went in that direction in the first place.

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