The People in Your Life Who Remain

The People in Your Life Who Remain

Last update: 03 October, 2017

Destiny puts many people in your life but only the best ones remain. Those with whom our bonds are truest and strongest come in to our lives and stay close to our hearts, thus forming beautiful and lasting relationships.
We say “heart” as a way of symbolizing our emotional and social life. From this world we drink the sips of energy that bind us to life, as we live in the world and move in the society to which we belong.

Whether this is true also largely depends on what we’re like and on the people who come near to us, and this will help us to surround ourselves with people who will stay close to us.

Fragile and solid relationships

As we have said on another occasions, there are probably many people that we miss, but perhaps we don’t stay in contact with them because, even though we love each other, the relationship is not doing us any good. If we look back we’ll no doubt remember friendships or relationships in which we were constantly arguing, and which generated conflicts that we could not solve.

At other times it is sufficient to realize that there are relationships that limit our freedoms by the harmful dynamics that we have created together. At this point it is important that we take responsibility and don’t always feel victimized, because a fragile relationship that breaks up must be patiently analyzed from the heart.

So, we must assume that sometimes we are not the ideal partners for other people and that it is quite normal that some relationships do not prosper. It is part of the intrinsic nature of the human being that our environment and our emotional world are constantly changing.

It will largely depend on how we manage this changing world as to whether some people will remain with us and whether we forge strong relationships with them. It is a question of compatibility, essence and the loving looks that feed our souls.
However, we can do something to strengthen our relationships and build beautiful columns that sustain them. Here we give some fundamental ideas for the creation of sound and solid relationships:

  • Listen in order to understand, not to respond.
  • Be noble and loyal and do not manipulate.
  • Keep your promises.
  • Be honest with those around you.
  • Be attentive and detailed.
  • Do not compete.
  • Apologize when necessary, and forgive. Problems do not arise out of thin air, and we are all responsible for them in some way.

The person who walks with you in the rain will walk with you in the storm.

It is not easy to cope with the disappointment of broken special relationships

There are times when we put our trust in a relationship and, then, because of what happens in it, we are left with with great disappointment. It is not good to feel like a victim, but, undoubtedly, handling these disappointments is often complicated and painful.

Disappointments are usually preceded by a misunderstanding – either because we have not been able to express ourselves or because the other person has not been able to connect with us as we needed them to. The truth is that most broken relationships are caused by breaking some of the points we made above.

After this, we have to deal with a deep feeling of disappointment that is undoubtedly the responsibility of both people involved in the relationship.

That is why in these cases we should analyze our pride and see if there is any way to solve the problems that have been created, to speak from the heart and to try and heal the wounds.

If this is not possible, simply assume that there are people who come and go. After all, as someone once said, there are some circumstances that trap us and others that give us wings; there are people who fill our backpack with stones and people who carry the load themselves; people who darken our lives and others who give everything to see us shine.
Let us not spend our time with those who are wrong for us and who do not allow us to be happy, or strive to stay with those who ignore us constantly. Let us value the people who stand by us in the good times and the bad times. And let’s be aware that people come and go and that depends mainly on the decisions that we make.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.