Effort Adds Value to Your Dreams

Effort Adds Value to Your Dreams

Last update: 29 July, 2017

The effort that you put into getting what you want is what gives value to your dreams. Because when you give your all, when you’re prepared to lose but you won’t let that stop you, then you’re ready to get where you want to go.

However, there will be many barriers to overcome (mistakes, conformity, fear, etc.). There will be many times when you’ll get a taste of your comfort zone, which is always calling to you and making justifications for why you should go back to it every time it sees a problem on the horizon.

When you let yourself be affected by your fears, insecurities, and what other people say about you, this is a clear sign of imminent failure.

Effort will reward you

You’ve probably heard people say things like “if it takes effort, it’s worth it.” This is something we say, sometimes automatically, to encourage people not to give up. Because if it takes effort, if it’s making you sweat, if it puts your abilities to the test, it’s because you’re giving the best of yourself. When difficulties appear, they’re not trying to say that you’re not worth it, or that you should just go back because you’re no good. Rather, they’re challenging you…

The attitude you have towards your obstacles depends on whether you see them as as challenge or a threat.

Nobody who’s achieved their dreams would tell you that it’s easy. There’s a lot of fear to overcome, a lot of people who will try to stop you. Sometimes, you’ll take a few steps back when you’re bombarded with doubts like bullets in a battlefield. Doubts about whether you’re good enough, whether your goals are too lofty.

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This is all a challenge. If it was that easy to get what you want, none of it would have any value. Anything would be within your reach, but that’s not how it really is. Only a few people can reach such high summits.

Many people leave their stable jobs to search for something that will really fulfill them and make them happy. Others throw themselves into adventure with barely any money in their pockets. They might fail, they might be hit with a much harder reality than they expected. However, this doesn’t stop them, and even if they fail, they’re happy for having taken the risk and given it a try.

You’ll never know how far you’re capable of going, what you’re capable of doing, or whether you can make what’s in your mind a reality if you don’t try.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

Whatever happens, you’ll always learn something, and that can be considered a victory. Because you achieved something that most people don’t: growth. With each mistake you’ve learned from, you’ve grown. With every failure that has pushed you to persevere, you’ve gotten stronger. No effort is in vain; it will always bring you something positive.

Whether you win or you lose, the effort you’ve put forth will have added value to your dreams, because it’ll give you many positive things that you’ll be able to utilize as you continue moving forward. Think about the last time you felt so good over having achieved a goal that you thought was impossible.

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You wouldn’t be intoxicated with this sense of achievement if you didn’t have to cry, shout from frustration, feel stressed, or watch the doors close in your face. You’ve put yourself to the test, you’ve been prepared to lose, and this has made you appreciate every step that you’ve taken.

Nothing will be perfect or go smoothly the first time you try something. But if you try, it will result in something positive. Even if you can’t see it or appreciate it right now.

We invite you to reflect on all of this as you watch the following video, which discusses fear, conformity, panic, mistakes, and many other things that you’ve probably dealt with on more than one occasion.

The next time you pursue one of your crazy ideas, don’t shrink before the walls that rise in front of you to keep you in your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is a safe but unexciting place. Remember that positive feedback always comes when you give everything, when you weather every storm and put yourself to the test. Effort and enjoyment will add value to your dreams and to the path that you’re walking.

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