Love Breaks Down Walls

Love Breaks Down Walls

Last update: 18 August, 2016

Love is the most powerful feeling known to man. It is capable of changing people, much more so than the power of hierarchy, or the ability to convince people with words.

The highest walls that man has ever created, beyond just the physical ones, have been broken down by this powerful feeling. Love has a tremendous power , capable of producing profound and permanent changes within us.

The walls of misunderstanding

The highest walls that humans build are those of misunderstanding. When people are constantly upholding doctrines, traditions, customs, laws, and beliefs, anybody is capable of hiding behind a wall of deafness.

There’s no one more deaf than someone who doesn’t want to hear, just like there’s no one more blind than someone who doesn’t want to see. No matter how many wise and kind words you offer them, people who cling to old customs or traditions will rarely give in to reason, because in their head there is no other way.

That’s where the game of love comes in. Because even someone who has built a high and impenetrable wall around themselves – based on stereotypes and preconceived notions – can find understanding, affection, and flexibility in a feeling as sincere and noble as love. Love is a technique that can bend the walls of misunderstanding.

In love, you discover your true self

It’s curious how we sometimes feel the need to come up with reasons to define ourselves. We seek ideas from here and there – generally provided by other people – that we think represent us, and we don’t worry about much else.

hands in the shape of a heart

We think that if we spread one idea or another, as long as it sounds coherent and grandiose, we don’t need to do anything else. We internalize other people’s beliefs, customs, and thoughts, and we use them to build a wall that we hide behind.

This is a dangerous habit, because it distances us from the path towards self-knowledge. Seeking security and comfort from other people’s opinions will only reveal a vague outline of who we really are.

Later, when emotional earthquakes shake the foundations of our existence, we’re hardly prepared to understand and absorb it. In this predicament, and with such a discouraging outlook, we lose out on big opportunities that life could have given us; we’re not capable of facing them because we can’t even understand our own hearts.

“True love is nothing other than the inevitable desire to help someone else be who they really are.”

-Jorge Bucay-

Love breaks down the walls of beliefs

Acquired beliefs distance us from ourselves, and bring us closer to what other people want us to think. But this doesn’t make us free, or whole, or happy.

However, when true love appears, and you feel like you’re floating in the air with every step that you take and happiness overwhelms your heart and soul, everything you had previously learned and acquired loses its essence and importance.

And suddenly, love appears like an earthquake that invalidates your material possessions, preconceived notions, and stereotypes. In your heart, a feeling burns and screams, telling you that the person that loves you – and that you love with all the strength of your soul – is more important than anything else in the world.

“Absence and time are nothing when one loves.”

-Alfred de Musset-

And that’s when you realize that you’ll never go back to who you were. Love has changed you. Love has broken down all of the walls that you built to protect yourself, thinking that they made you safe.

But love doesn’t need walls, protection, or shields. Your own happiness, which seeps through every pore of your skin, will make you feel like the most complete person in the universe, without needing other people’s opinions to validate it.

Learn to receive love with open arms

However, if you’re not prepared to receive love, you might experience times of insecurity, doubt, and fear. If this happens, that wonderful feeling might get diluted little by little, making you go back to your old habits of false security.

arms open to the sky

Only a deep sense of self-knowledge and a deep love for the person who is by your side, in whom you can trust completely, will fill in the holes that you sometimes fall into.

So, don’t be afraid to open your heart to love. Break down the walls that have risen over the years. Let  true happiness and freedom help you show your true feelings.

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