4 Excuses That Keep You From Reaching Your Goals

4 Excuses That Keep You From Reaching Your Goals

Last update: 28 July, 2022

“I’ll do it tomorrow,” “I don’t have time,” “I’m really not good at it…” You’ve surely said these things to yourself at some point. The problem is, they serve as a wall between you and your goals.

Our goals and dreams are our life’s engine. Without goals, our lives stagnate. However, often times because of fear, uncertainty, low self-confidence or ignorance, we end up fleeing from the idea of dreaming, imagining or planning.

That’s the moment when excuses start rolling around. They’re different for everyone but there are common themes. Maybe you haven’t thought or said the exact things listed below, but you’ve probably had similar thoughts.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are, how hard they’ll be to reach or what you have to do to make them a reality. It’s vital that you just drop the excuses and pursue them. 

The most common excuses that keep you from moving forward

1- “I don’t have time.”

The 21st century’s most famous line. We’re constantly living 100 miles an hour and we don’t even have time for what’s important. Our days are comprised of running back and forth and we aren’t even enjoying ourselves. Our pace of life now is incredibly frantic, but it’s also true that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Don’t hide behind the excuse of not having free time to do things.

Getting things done is a matter of priority. If you’re really passionate about something, you find the time. You get up early, you commute more efficiently, you don’t work overtime, etc. Determine how you’re managing your time before you start using it as an excuse.

2- “I have to save money.”

If you’ve reached your financial goal to support your dream, why not go for it? It’s true of course that crises, monetary fluctuations and stocks are unpredictable, but you can’t keep all your money put away “just in case.”

Try to keep saving so you have an emergency fund and put the rest of it towards making your dream a reality. There’s no way of knowing where you’ll be tomorrow, or what might happen to the money. You’d better use it wisely

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3- “What will they think of me?”

Other people’s opinions are always a concern. What will my parents think if I quit my career because I don’t enjoy it? What will my in-laws say if I quit my job to be a stay-at-home parent? How will my friends react if I tell them I’ve decided to start my own business?

Honestly, what other people think of you is none of your business. They’ll always have a reason to criticize you, no matter what you do. If what other people say about your actions really matters that much to you, talk to your loved ones before making a decision. However, you should always have the last word.

“I’m not capable enough.”

Lack of self-esteem is a serious problem that prevents us from making our dreams a reality. If we don’t trust our abilities, it’s impossible to come out on top and achieve the goals we have in mind. No one is born a genius. Maybe you need more experience, knowledge or practice, but never say you’re “good for nothing,” even when things don’t turn out right.

Besides, you haven’t even tried. How do you know you can’t? You’ll undoubtedly trip on several bumps in the road. Your ability lies in being able to get right back on that horse.

Push excuses to one side and be brave to reach your goals. Don’t say “It’s not the best time,” “It’s too much,” “It’s already been invented” or “I’m afraid to fail.” Do anything and everything to make it happen. If it doesn’t turn out the way you expected, at least you’ll have experience to add to your résumé.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.