Don't Yell at Me, You Won't Slow Me Down

Don't Yell at Me, You Won't Slow Me Down

Last update: 24 January, 2018

Don’t yell at me, because you won’t slow me down. No matter how much you raise your voice I am not going to obey you.

I make my own path, and sometimes I’m wrong, but no matter how much you scream, you will not slow me down. All you’ll do is show your inability to be a nice person.

You know what they say: saying it louder doesn’t mean you’re right. It just gets you less respect and greater misunderstanding.

They say that words are the best vehicle for communication, but they also say something we forget: that the more they go up in volume, the more value they lose.

We shout because it’s an easy way to get attention, but what we really show is our lack of communication skills.

In order to meet in the middle, saying “thank you” or “please” work much better. Expressing yourself reasonably, not with yelling and trying to silence me.

Don’t yell at me, talk to me, listen to me, be patient and help me learn from my mistakes. Let’s learn from one another. Let’s not lose ourselves in howling as if we were wolves. Because we are not wild animals, we are rational beings.


head to head in argument or love

He who screams attacks with his words

Don’t yell at me, don’t attack me, don’t use thoughtless words. Be aware that words, if they don’t go through the filter of reason, can poison a whole relationship.

Be brave and talk. Think about how if you shout at me we won’t get anywhere because I will not play your game.

You do not intimidate me with your loud voice, because I’m not going to listen to you. Instead, I’m going to flee from your howls as if you didn’t say a word. Because if you want to talk to me you have to respect me.

And the keys to respect come from knowing how to listen and accepting that not everyone thinks like you. And you’ll have to start with me.

There is no greater form of respect for oneself than ignoring the disrespect that others show you. If they want your attention they should deserve it. Do not give it to somebody because they are screaming.

If you don’t know how to communicate, if you feel frustrated and anger comes out of your mouth without thinking, put yourself in my place and maybe you’ll understand me and not yell at me.

If you don’t know how, I’ll give you some advice: drama, labels, should’s and “I’m always right” are not how you get a good relationship.

And it’s pointless to hold on to little things and then scream at full volume and with detail about something that bothered you.

Don’t yell at me after a few days. Talk to me, teach me, share with me what bothered you. Then we can figure out if our issue has a solution or not. Our issue, because it’s ours …

And if we are at a fork in the road, it’s best we each choose our path instead of using screams to express our pain.

Don’t yell at me because we don’t learn anything that way. Don’t yell at me if you appreciate me or love me at all.


Don't yell at me, listen to me

If you want to teach respect, be a model

Don’t tell me about your kindness, don’t sell yourself as a victim or eternal sufferer. Show me what you want; be a model, not a perpetrator.

Remember, the one who gives, receives, not the one who demands without giving anything.

Think about how we all get things wrong, we are not perfect. But we learn, change and create. Tell me about your fears, open your heart. Let me understand you so we can change your yelling to a “please”.

Let’s learn together, let’s get to know each other. Let’s not try to change each other, but instead be who we are, but with more respect.

Don’t yell at me when you do not like what I do because if you love me you will accept me as I am. Do not try to change me with yelling, you only cause damage that way.

Do not shout at me, because you won’t slow me down. No matter how much yell, you will not tell me where I am going.

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