24 Tips to Be More Authentically Romantic

24 Tips to Be More Authentically Romantic

Last update: 10 February, 2016

When we think about what is “romantic,” we often think of the same images: chocolates, flowers, candlelit dinners… Not that these are bad, but the concept of romanticism is much more vast and may imply much more than what we see at first glance.

We may often say, “It’s just that I am not a romantic person!” However, romanticism is no more than the expression of the strong feelings that drive us to deeply love another person… they are feelings that we all feel inside. So, in a certain way, we are all romantic!

“Love is the ability to laugh together.”

-Francoise Sagan-

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At the beginning of a relationship, hope, novelty, and infatuation drive us to display more romantic gestures. However, at this stage, everything is just skin deep. When time begins to pass, we may forget these initial gestures, maybe due to routine, or to trust that has been established.

In order for a couple to truly work well and be happy together, these romantic gestures cannot be forgotten. Love is like a house that is never fully constructed nor fully decorated; a constant work in progress. There are always details to be added.

Love is found in the little everyday details. Being “romantic” does not mean being “corny”.

Learning to be generous, to take care of our love each day as if it were a baby, a small flame that we must keep burning through wind and rain… that is to be romantic.

24 tips to be more romantic

When we love, we are all romantic. But, like most things in life, we don’t all know the best way to express it to others.

If you are shy, it can be difficult to express your emotions. If you have been in a relationships that has been hijacked by routine, despite the fact that you each still have strong feelings for each other, sentimentality can be a challenge. Here we give you 24 tips on how to be more authentically romantic and not lose who you are in the process.

“To love is not only to be in love, it is, overall, to be in understanding.” 

-Francoise Sagan-

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  1. Never stop being yourself. Each and every person is romantic in their own way, and the best way to be authentic in this respect is to do things in a natural and sincere way.
  2. Seduce your partner. Make them feel unique, and let them know you admire, respect, and desire them.
  3. Never stop surprising your loved one…Avoid monotony.
  4. Think about what your partner considers to be romantic. 
  5. Amorous, “yes.” Obsessed, “no.” The antithesis of romanticism is obsession. We cannot spend the entire day trying to be romantic. We will end up smothering the person we love. Like everything in life, it must be taken in moderation.
  6. Being sincere is also being romantic. Flowery and grandiose language, unnatural and pretentious acts… these can all have the opposite effect we may be hoping for. If something is not done sincerely and from the heart, it is obvious and does not count for anything.
  7. Admire your partner. 
  8. Say “I love you”… after. It has been confirmed that couples who say “I love you” after making love are much happier, bonded, and long-lasting.
  9. Make an effort to feel comfortable in any place, and around other people.
  10. Talk every day. According to experts, talking for thirty minutes each day strengthens a relationship.
  11. Listen to your partner as much as you can. 
  12. Write them letters.
  13. Show your partner physical affection. What is more romantic than a hug when you are both feeling frustrated? Giving a kiss unexpectedly? Or a quick smile or wink from afar? Embrace your loved one at least once a day. Hugs are powerful friends of love.
  14. Return to the place where you met and do again what you did when you first met.
  15. Make a special dinner for just the two of you. 
  16. Do little things around the house that you don’t normally do. Maybe you never iron their clothes, or mop the floor…surprise them.
  17. Never forget the little gestures that your partner shows you that tells you you are in their thoughts. Pick a few flowers on your way home, leave them a little love note, or send them a quick message in the middle of the day telling them you are thinking of them and you love them.
  18. Do things together. Cook, dance, or take a nap together.
  19. Have a photo album for pictures of you together. Make an album to fill with your memories, letters, etc…
  20. Look nice for your loved one.
  21. Call them from work just to say “hi” and talk for a few minutes.
  22. If you do not live together, send them messages like “good morning” and “good night”.
  23. Never forget your sense of humor!
  24. Encourage them in their worst moments. A hug, a kiss, take their hand before they start a new job, or go to the doctor.

Undoubtedly, we could add a few more things to this list. We each have our own ways of being romantic. The most important thing is to never forget to be yourself. Authenticity is that which makes us different from everyone else, and be who we truly are. 

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.