Sincerity Is the Key to Happiness

January 2, 2016

People need two basic dimensions to be happy: trust and security. Neither of them can be achieved on their own. Our most significant relationships offer us acknowledgement and sincerity.

Nevertheless, some experts on relationships, such as Marianne Dainton from La Salle University in Philadelphia, show us that at times, lies and omissions are necessary in order to maintain the balance within the relationship itself and to protect our loved one. But one thing is certain, not everyone supports this theory.

I ask sincerity of you on a daily basis, because sincerity requires bravery and I want our relationship to be one of brave souls. I ask that you always tell me the truth and that you follow through on your word. In exchange, I’ll offer you a heart just as sincere and whole.

It goes without saying that no one likes to be lied to and that half-truths, though they may be based on good intentions, are still lies nonetheless.

Now, we’re not obligated to tell our partner every thought that crosses our mind, every personal opinion or each reflection we may have. We should all have our own personal and nontransferable space. But the key is to not hide things. We must use use sincerity to build, unite and create bonds. To create a project and give strength to the relationship itself.

Sincerity is the key to happiness

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When it comes to success in a relationship, it’s normal to talk about respect, communication, empathy, complicity… Now, the funny thing is that frequently many relationships split up, not over a lack of love, but over a lack of sincerity.

I’m not asking you to fulfill all of my dreams. I don’t desire an ideal love, but rather a real relationship, conscious and mature, based on reciprocity. One in which no one loses, we both win, and where sincerity will be the only language we speak in. 

Your partner is with you because they love you. Because they find some meaning in your company, and because they won’t hesitate to do anything within their power to make your happy. It’s worth it then for you to do the same and offer them sincerity above everything else.

Sincerity not only makes the other person feel good; it also helps us find the inner tranquility that comes with authentic vital commitment.

Now, what does a lack of sincerity usually cause in a romantic relationship?

  • It creates distance. A lack of sincerity can always be sensed sooner or later, and not dealing with it creates a great deal of suffering.
  • Communication problems. Not knowing how to express needs, not daring or not finding a way to do creates blame and sometimes even cause a breakup.
  • Thoughts that are hidden, truths that aren’t said, opinions that are bottled up and feelings that are hid… they are all negative emotions in the long-term that translate to dissatisfaction and frustration. It’s dangerous.
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It’s not what you promise, but the promises you keep

Do you keep your word? Remember that by not doing so you’ll be leaving scars in others, not marks that they may remember in the future with integrity and happiness.

There are very few people that will get tired of loving in this life. But we can become exhausted by having to wait, to listen to promises and false hopes, to assume and listen to apologies…

When we break up with some one, we’re usually left with the same sensation: an emptiness caused by everything we dreamed of in the beginning which didn’t end up happening. Broken hopes and internal wounds that we have to fix little by little. Because nothing hurts more that living for a certain time with a false dream.

Nobody lives off of nice words and beautiful phrases. Any waiting that doesn’t see results in the end will turn into deception and then into helplessness.

There’s a very widely known phrase that says “Any promise made under the moonlight, should be kept in the daylight.” Sometimes, great promises are made during moments of intimacy, but it’s in the day of day and the little details where we should keep all of our promises made.

Words are only words, and promises are words built in a beautiful way. But only the facts are the reality of everything you promise, and every promise you keep.

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