I Love Those Hugs That Make the Sadness Go Away

I Love Those Hugs That Make the Sadness Go Away

Last update: 19 July, 2022

I like hugs that, although they may not resolve anything, are a way of telling adversity it can’t get us. I love those hugs that have mended my broken parts, those that keep away the loneliness and fill me with joy. Because when I’m hugged so hard that I’m about to break into two, they’re actually fixing me. Because these are hugs that are created by a special connection, by a tune that stops time…

There will always be that person who doesn’t appreciate a hug or who says they’re useless, but for all people they are absolutely necessary at one time or another in life. There are many types of hugs, as well as people, situations and relationships, and each one gives us a message.

Healing hugs

“It is said that every time we hug someone with pleasure, we added one more day to our life.”
-Paulo Coelho-

Sometimes a hug is the best therapy, for just one can be sufficient enough to feel renewed and continue with our day. Hugs are the quickest way to communicate with someone you love, even more than with words.

Our bodies melting in a hug fills us with joy, allows us to be more patient and relaxes us. Furthermore, it makes us feel loved and able to appreciate that peace which makes us feel the heat transmitted from the other person that strengthens our self-esteem.

In fact, hugs make us face pain better, make others understand how we feel and give us a way to show our love and support.


There are as many hugs as there are moments

A small hug can dry many tears, a small word full of love can fill us with happiness and a small smile can change the world. It’s those little things that make our world, filling it with happiness and love…

Sometimes a hug is merely physical, the result of contact between two bodies, light and fast. Others, are those loaded with emotions, which are able to make us explode and feel a way that is indescribable.

Then there are the hugs from the soul, those filled with the purest and most loving intentions. They are aware of what is free and accessible to peace because we feel the other completing us and they allow us to give love without having to search for it.


When we are immersed in one of these hugs, time stops and our souls are in harmony, creating a melody that fills our heart with its rhythm.

Embracing is one of the best things we can do for our emotional well-being and that of the people around us. It makes no sense to let the soul hurt; there is a hug for every sorrow.

Hands up, this is a hug. Beware, I’m warning you that I have a soul and it’s loaded…


Hug yourself…

One embraces others the way they embrace life.  One embraces life the way they embrace themselves.

Have you ever hugged yourself? Have you kept yourself warm? Have you eased your sorrows? Have you congratulated yourself on your achievements? The warmth of an intimate self-embrace is essential to be well nourished. In this way we embrace the art of self-love, we take off our armor and move away from the cold to approach authenticity.

Embracing means that we are open to ourselves; we are able to form a bond with ourselves on the inside and to move ourselves from within. Because touching our souls keeps our interior and exterior linked together.

If you hug yourself, you love yourself. If you love yourself, you recognize yourself. And if you recognize yourself, you build yourself. Because picking ourselves up in our arms releases our emotions and allows us to approach the good in life.

A hug is a poem written on the skin that protects us from false love, dependency, idealization and anything that weakens and impoverishes us; safeguarding the courage and goodness that is within us.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.