What Is Your Personality?

What Is Your Personality?

Last update: 29 October, 2016

Knowing what your personality is can help you in your growth. The more you know yourself, the more secure you will feel towards life. You can also see if you need to change something and if there is any excess that reduces your quality of life. Analyze yourself to find out what your personality is. You may have several traits of different personality types, but surely there’s one in which you excel and identify with most.

Perfectionist and critic

They are people who are a little obsessive with perfection. They are very rational and apply discipline in an extreme way. Authoritarian and strict with themselves and with others, they can become annoying as they try to fix what does not look right in others. They are rarely satisfied with anything, there is always something that can be improved and that is why, most times, they feel anger and rarely smile.

Loyal and dependent

They highly value trust and sincerity. They are very friendly and committed to others. If anything characterizes them it is that they offer loyalty. You can rely on them completely as they are very compliant and responsible. They have a special sensitivity and when they grow attached to someone, they can become so linked that they sometimes come to make the other person the center of their life.


Challenger and defiant

They are those people who never agree with their environment. “Going against the grain” would be their most prominent feature. They need to command, control and stand out, even if it is for their differences. They may seem like know-it-alls. They are not influenced at all by others’ opinions. They have their ideas and will carry them out even if they are “out of the ordinary”. They are cruel and spiteful if their orders are not followed. They impose their dictatorship and want to be leaders at all costs. They never express emotions, they think they are invincible and usually they have a dislike for many of the people around them.

Caregiver and helper

They are more interested in the well-being of those they love than their own. They worry excessively about attention and care of others. They are very generous, somewhat possessive and very loving. Sensitive, loving and selfless, they love to serve others without expecting anything in return. They are very generous. They like being needed.

Enthusiastic and extroverter

They stand out as being very active, cheerful, spontaneous, funny people. They love to socialize and embark on new projects. They are ambitious and impulsive. They need to have a constant and varied activity and are therefore usually multifaceted. They have a fear of getting bored, they need to occupy their time and be in constant contact with people.

Individualistic and introverted

Unlike the previous personality, a individualistic and introverted person is a quiet type. T hey prefer to be alone with their ideas and projects instead of in groups of society. They are respectful, serious, inventive, imaginative, discreet and have great intuition. Introspective people often have a high degree of creativity, which if exposed, enables them to pursue a profession within the world of art. Since they do not like socializing too much, they have not developed skills with others and may be timid, insecure and not very spontaneous.

Researcher and creator

They are characterized as being very independent. They want to create, investigate and invent what does not yet exist. They are like life’s sponges. They use what they learn to see beyond and innovate. They are usually isolated to be alone with their thoughts and develop their perceptions, which sometimes may seem unusual. They are passionate about learning and by being so insistent they generally become great professionals and experts in their field.


Leader and winner

They are very secure of themselves. They are bright, are well known and know how to utilize the best of themselves. They accept and like themselves, so they are genuine and nice people. They adapt to any situation; challenges do not scare them. Their emotional intelligence stands out, so they are always oriented to success in any facet of their life. They are nice, honest, charming, humans. They earn the respect and admiration of others.

Pacifist and calm

They are very quiet, stable, balanced people. They like to make peace in any conflict. Their simplicity, modesty and patience stand out. They do not like bad environments, therefore, they do anything to bring harmony to their environment. They are spiritual beings, healers. The people around them are happy to deal with them as they receive support, kindness and a breath of positivity and relaxation.

There is no one personality type that is better or worse. Each has its good and bad side. Everything in excess can be harmful so, as always, everything in balance is positive. What is your remarkable personality?

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.