Loving Is Our Superpower

July 18, 2016

Love is our emotional vitamin which fills us with vitality and strength towards life. That is why we say that love is our superpower. It powers our growth and our ability to walk upright through life.

Who hasn’t been in love and felt capable of anything? Who would not, after receiving a hug, take the reigns of their life with greater ease than what they were used to? Who hasn’t needed to say “I love you and trust you” or hear it in order go ahead with their projects?

We need to love and be loved. It is something basic for us. We’re not talking about having a partner, but rather loving the people around us and that means something to us. Because often when we are about to fall it is love that sustains us.

“I love you enough to invite you to step on dry leaves one of these evenings. I love you enough to go out for a walk, to talk about love, while we kick pebbles. I love you enough to laugh hysterically, drunk from nothing and stroll without any hurry along the street.

I love you enough to go with you to the places I frequent most and tell you that’s where I sit to think about you. I love you enough to listen to your laughter all night. I love you enough to never let you go.

I love you in a certain way, the old-fashioned way, with the soul and without looking back.”

-Jaime Sabines

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Love and intimacy, two sources of strength

Admiration and affection are sources of strength. Affection, intimacy and deep concern for the well-being of a loved one forms part of that emotional bonds that we forge and that gives us balance.

According to Maslow, love and relationships are part of our basic needs for affiliation and security, so we need them to scale our increasingly high pyramid and reach self-recognition, trust, respect, success, spontaneity, etc.

At the end of the day those who we love are our north and help us mark the cardinal points we need to look at all times.

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Loving is our super power at all levels, including our brain. In fact, as we have noted on other occasions, analyzing the neurochemical changes that occur in our brain through our feelings and emotions is essential.

This means that although we usually refer to the heart as the home of love, we should really know that it is configured in the brain through feelings, emotions, thoughts and behaviors that cause neurochemical changes and new neural connections. Serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine are recreated in our nervous system and cause attention and care to prevail among our behaviors.

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Meanwhile, the unconditional support of loving seems to lie in the periaqueductal gray matter, where they also found the control center for excessive pain. This explains that when we love someone a lot,we do not need any reward other than the affection they give us.

In short, the love we feel towards others is largely responsible for our strength at all levels. Thus, loving will help us achieve everything we set out to do, for walking beside a loved one is always a guarantee for success and well-being. Because loving is our greatest superpower.