The Small Touches in Life Make All the Difference

The Small Touches in Life Make All the Difference

Last update: 14 September, 2017

I consider myself a happy person with the life that I lead, especially since I have a wonderful group of people in my life that constantly cares for me with their daily love and their unconditional affection. They and their little touches in my life every day are what make the difference, these are the things that are invisible to the eyes but that shine like a light into my life.

“Great hearts are content with little touches”
-Hernan Wise-

Ever since I realized that the seemingly extraordinary things in life are not as valuable as the little touches from the special people around me, I live day to day from a totally different point of view, and in this way I nurture richer memories for the future.

We normally remember the small ways people have helped us best of all, those little touches that came from the kind hearts of friends: these people with all their virtues are always finding different ways to provide feelings and emotions that remain in our hearts forever.

The power of those little touches

The small things in life are capable of taking us to the heights of success or to the most distressing failure, since they are hidden amongst millions of intentions. For example, you’ve been working on a project for months and then one small setback puts a complete spanner in the works, or take the possibility of two very competent people competing for the same job and one of them gets it just because of one tiny detail.


These tiny details are so important in the daily plans we have and also in the contact we have with those around us, such as a simple act of gratitude or a hug that arrives at just the right time, as these will make us feel loved and close to the people concerned.

That is why the small things have so much power, because their singularity allows them to reverse situations, to flood souls with positive or negative energy, to bring smiles from the saddest faces or to make us cry etc. What is clear is that, for better or for worse, these small touches make all the difference and the interesting thing is that when they happen they do so spontaneously and naturally and this is nothing more and nothing less than the most honest side of life itself.

Magical touches

When these little touches arrive, full to the brim with good news for our emotions, all we need to do is await them with our arms open wide so that they can flood us with all their joy. I am thinking of little actions that may seem very small and simple to you and yet they are received by the other person as a gesture so great that they will never forget it. Who has never experienced this at some point in their lives? These little touches are like magic because they fill in two directions: they fill whoever brings them and also whoever receives them.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,
they will also forget what you did,
but they will never forget how you made them feel “
-Maya Angelou-

They say that the greatest gifts that we can bestow on others are those that have been forged by a collection of feelings, through affection and love. Usually, these magical details come from people who are also magical: people who empathize, look out for others, and show solidarity … Of course, the chance to get to know these people and their little touches should never be missed.

The best situations to create these little details and touches

Usually the small things go completely unnoticed, but in some circumstances they can mean absolutely everything. Here are some of the situations that are favourable for these little touches:

  • In friendships, or as a family or couple: if what we want is to see is the bond between several people getting stronger then it is necessary to attend to this bond day by day, enhancing and sustaining it.
  • The important events in our lives: preparing a wedding, taking our driving test, having a job interview, etc. The success of these events will be proportional to our attention to detail along the way, and always focussing on the details.
  • Work or study: just as we mentioned above, a lot of preparation for your work or for your exams will, in the end, depend upon all the small things in life that happen along the way. For example, even if you have studied a lot, getting bad news just before starting an exam can deflate you and, as a result, you won’t be able to give your all.

 “You have to look at the little things.
They sow our lives with little gems that guide us “
-Katherine Pancol-



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