The Heart Needs Vitamins A, B, C: Affection, Benevolence, and Countless Hugs

The Heart Needs Vitamins A, B, C: Affection, Benevolence, and Countless Hugs

Last update: 28 July, 2022

The heart demands nutrients and although it may sound a bit cliché, I know that mine needs vitamins more than anything else. These are not just any vitamins, but specifically vitamins A, B, and C. In other words, in order to survive, I require affection, benevolence, and countless hugs.

Humanly speaking, I do not believe there is anyone in the world who does not need this as well. The emotions that invade us are fed off of direct contact with others and they fill us when they come in the name of love. They are as necessary as breathing.

Any kind of love will always include those three vitamins. In fact, if you think about someone who does not have these in their life, you are probably not talking about love, but more about something that maybe looks like it but that is never going to fulfill you as much as genuine, shared feelings would.

My vitamin A: affection, fully sincere

So then, one of the most important vitamins we need is a small dose of affection. Affection and tenderness are capable of giving life in different ways: a loving touch, a smile, a few opportune words…

Affection from others makes us happy and leads to our feeling loved, which is why it is indispensable for my body. This expression of affection and recognition helps us to see ourselves as being special among the crowds and they offer us enough vitality not to fall to adversity.

“True affection is not the kind that forgives our flaws,

But the one that does not know what they are”

-Jacinto Benavente-

Our personality is rejuvenated with affection because we find the value in ourselves, we feel appreciated and filled with confidence. This vitamin is a balm for our self-esteem, regardless of whether we are showing it to others or them showing it to us. The fact of the matter is that it is in the air around us.

My vitamin B: benevolence, straight from the heart

Just as with vitamin A, vitamin B is absolutely necessary: this is the vitamin that comes from people who practice the quality of being good people. When the body is surrounded by good-hearted people, they also manage to make ours a bit more generous, to make it beat more bravely.

“Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate”

-Albert Schweitzer-

A kind person has a pleasant and compassionate effect on us; they are willing to help without asking for anything in return. They are friendly and generous. I easily fall in love with people who empathetically display benevolence.

They make me a better person and that is why I recognize that I love and appreciate them in my life. I always choose them as a source of lessons and they help me grow every day.

My vitamin C: countless hugs

Finally, vitamins A and B would be worthless if we didn’t have the one all of our bodies need, namely the one we absorb through hugs. Yes, the ones that put even the most broken parts of the soul back together and help make us whole again, so that we are never fully broken. You already know the kind; they’re the ones that make you feel less alone or make you feel warmer because they accompany and comfort you.

“One of them smiled. So did the other.

They didn’t dare to embrace in public, but in a single second,

They said a thousand things to each other in silence”

-Ildefonso Falcones-

I constantly look for this kind of hug, close and with no end, because the most valuable ones are spontaneous and sometimes shy. I am sure that neither you nor I want preplanned or calculated hugs, no matter how wonderful they may seem on a superficial level.

Couple Kissing

The beautiful part is what we feel when we get them, because they are vitamins that bring us many health benefits. For example, they improve our mood, elevate the levels of serotonin in our bodies, relax our muscles, reduce our blood pressure, fight against nervous tension, etc.

For all of these reasons, do not forget to pay attention to the food your heart eats. It is true that we need many other things to move forward in love, but if the soul dies, the rest is worthless. We are going to try to give it the right vitamins so that will never happen.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.