Smiles that Flourish in Darkness

Smiles that Flourish in Darkness

Last update: 28 July, 2022

The smiles that flourish in the dark can last a lifetime. These small and precious gestures appear when least expected, in the saddest, most dark and dismal moments. They stay in your memory, etched there as evidence of affection and optimism that will always stay with you no matter where you go.

Don’t believe for a second that darkness is eternal. As common as the saying may seem, nothing lasts forever. Everything depends on you, on your effort, your need to be happy, your ability to form that small smile when it seems to have been erased.

“A smile means a lot. It enriches the person who receives it, without impoverishing the person who offers it. It may only last a second, but its memory, sometimes, can never be erased.” 


Smiles that light up the world

There are many different types of smiles, but a smile will always have amazing potential. Positive attitude, sympathy, friendliness, and everything that is associated with a kind face is a gesture that everyone, some more and some less, appreciates. 

people lit with moonshine smiles

There have been cases in which a smile has been capable of opening the heaviest and most melancholy of doors. With a simple kind gesturemany people seem to give in and are left radiating good humor and the kind of attractive behavior that accompanies such a simple act.

Have you ever found yourself confronted with a weary person, fed up with their job or situation, constantly confrontational and with few friends, who has become bitter fighting a daily battle? Try to respond to someone like that with a simple smile. Mount a counterattack of positivity, sympathy, and kindness, without letting your smile falter. You may be surprised to see the results you get from this.

There is no doubt that smiles are capable of lighting up the world. No matter how cloudy the sky may seem, a few simple smiles, or a laugh or two, can encourage the sun to come out and brighten the day.

Smiles that illuminate the night

For all of those people who live in the eternal night of continuous bitterness, incapable of seeing the light in any moment of their lives, there is a recommended remedy that never fails. Use smiles to break through the darkness and open a path to light. You will see how, little by little, the path will become clearer. With each smile, everything around you will become brighter.

If, on the other hand, you know people who suffer from constant sadness, incapable of breaking the vicious cycle that holds them in a dull and uninspiring world, peppered with misfortune and pain, never stop offering them smiles.  That smile can be pure life for those how are dejected and downcast. 

If you don’t feel capable of getting out of a difficult situation, and you feel like you are trapped in a tunnel that is too long and has no light at its end, reach out to bright and friendly people who go through life with constant smiles on their faces. Spend time with people who have a positive attitude, show solidarity, and emanate kindness. Simple gestures of kindness and positivity can brighten each of your most bitter moments.

“Smile even though it may be a sad smile, because the only thing more sad than a sad smile, is sadness that does not know how to smile.”


person trailing stars smiles

We learn to smile to brighten the world

Smiling is a good exercise that everyone should practice daily. We must learn how to bring a smile to our lips in any moment in order to make the world a brighter, happier, and friendlier place. We must show everyone else who inhabits this planet our good humor and sympathy.

If a day begins gray and cloudy, greet it with a smile. If a person is negative and bitter, offer them one of your best smiles. If someone is sad, give them the gift of a glowing smileIf you believe that everything is negative, paint a smile on your face. 

Little gestures such as smiles, simple acts of kindness, fun moments full of sympathy and good humor, produce circumstances that are simple and small, but unforgettable and bring true happiness to our days.

We cannot illuminate the world instantaneously, but we are capable of brightening it with our smiles and positive attitudes. We all have the power to make this life and this world a better and happier place to live. Why not give it a try?

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