Define the Best Version of Yourself, and Work to Achieve It

Define the Best Version of Yourself, and Work to Achieve It

Last update: 27 June, 2017

People like Steve Jobs, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein have all taught us the importance of defining the best version of ourselves and striving to make it happen. That way, the time and effort we invest in this process will never be lost.

Albert Einstein wasn’t a good student in school. Believe it or not, he was clueless and didn’t pay much attention. He himself said that “I developed so slowly that I didn’t begin to ask questions about time and space until I was older.”

The keys to defining the best version of ourselves

Defining the best version of ourselves is a way of overcoming our fears and leaving our comfort zone.  

Stop for a moment to think about who you really are. Learn to get away from that image that others expect of you and let out your true essence.

Focus and concentrate your attention

First of all, it’s important to set a goal regarding the best version of the person you want to be. What does the person you want to be do? What doesn’t that person do? Are there people that s/he relates to more than others? What things make you happy and which don’t?

For a moment, focus on yourself and make a deep reflection that moves you away from false beliefs. If you set them aside, you’ll be making a huge step in approaching your essence as a person, your Self. It’s important to be sincere and not deceive yourself.

woman on a tightrope

Your happiness depends on you

If you listen when speaking, you’ll notice that you send many negative messages that prevent you from finding the best version of yourself. “I can’t,” you might say. “I’m afraid.” “This isn’t up to me.”

“They made us believe that each one of us is the half of an orange, and that life only makes sense when you find that other half. They did not tell us that we were born as whole, and that no-one in our lives deserve to carry on his back such responsibility of completing what is missing on us: we grow through life by ourselves. If we have a good company it’s just more pleasant.”
-John Lennon-

In addition, we tend to look at other people or events as the causes of our unhappiness. This way, we can find a perfect excuse and it feels like we can’t do anything other than what we’re already doing to be happy. However, we still have a lot of room for improvement.

Being the best version of yourself means taking risks. It’s about striving for and knowing that in some things you will fail and in others you will triumph. Understand that you will learn along the way. There will be people who support you and others who don’t.

Taking risks also means leaving your comfort zone. Being in your comfort zone forces you into a life that doesn’t make you happy, and you do nothing to change it.

Defining and working on the best version of yourself is not an easy process, nor is it comfortable. For this, you’re going to need a strong will. Persistence is based on the power of visualization and targeting. 

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

George Bernard Shaw

The ability to be flexible will allow you to change your negative results. These are the results that wouldn’t change at all if you keep going with the same mentality and approach. Think about it: in any project, there must be a place for failure and learning. Knowing how to detect it in time and learn from it will allow you to advance.

If you’ve defined your best version, it’s time to start working to achieve it. Plan the strategies and resources you’re going to use to achieve it. Then, divide your path into smaller steps that can confirm your progress.

Look for outside support from people who believe in you, those who are by your side whenever you need it. They’ll be essential support in the moments when you feel unmotivated or when you need to talk to someone about your doubts.

Friends Swinging from Tree

One you’re on the road to being the best version of yourself, every so often you should measure what you’ve achieved. That way, you can determine whether you should make modifications to your goals or the steps to achieve those goals. Also, don’t forget to reward yourself when you achieve a goal. After all, your next goals will still be waiting patiently.

Above all, act and be proactive. Don’t wait for something to happen or for someone to do something. Instead, it’s essential that you have the energy to fight for what makes you happy and to be the person you want.

“One day you’ll wake up and you’ll discover that you don’t have more time to do what you dreamed. The moment is now. Act.”

-Paulo Coelho-

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