The 7 Best Quotes About Love by Mario Benedetti

The 7 Best Quotes About Love by Mario Benedetti
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 November, 2021

Mario Benedetti’s quotes about love are a gift for the heart. This Uruguayan writer and poet left us with his extensive work, always so full of values ​​and social commitment. Many believe that nobody has encouraged people in love as much, and that his verses are odes to the complex universe of love.

Love is undoubtedly the most universal theme in the world of literature, and especially in poetry. Virgilio said that love conquers all, so, rather than resisting it, it is in our hands to grant it the value it deserves, giving way, opening paths. Now, if there was something that Mario Bendetti himself achieved with his work it is to remind us of his own difficulties, the flavors of his life full of obstacles, of those loves that hurt and even destroy.

We cannot forget that Benedetti’s audacious words were nourished equally by anguish and hope. Despite the social problems in his country, he never forgot the romantic side of his heart, that satiny space where love gave life, but could also be desolate and even nostalgic …

Immersing ourselves in Mario Benedetti’s quotes on love and in the music of his free verses is a way of navigating realistic love, in a love very similar to the one that any of us have lived or are currently living. Benedetti, like William Wordsworth at the time, took a very valuable step with this subject; both of them brought us intense and vivid romanticism, often inhabited by the most complex problems.


Mario Benedetti’s quotes on love

In his books “Biografía para encontrarme” (Biography to Find Myself), “Buzón de Tiempo” (Mailbox of Time) and “El amor, las mujeres y la vida” (Love, Women and Life) we can find many of Mario Benedetti’s poems and phrases about love. We can use these for excitement, learning and enjoyment of those bittersweet moments we almost always live through in romantic relationships.

Let’s read parts of the magnificent legacy this Uruguayan writer left us.

1. Beyond the touch

The deepest sensations, those that remain forever in the private corners of our being, are not the ones triggered by simple skin contact. Whoever makes us feel the most sublime emotions and sensations with their mere presence, with their skillful words and their gaze, is a magician. Someone with enough magic and important enough to deserve a place in our heart.

2. Love and its privileged place in our memory

There are bits of our life that are forever etched in our memories. They are made of a magnificent material, where the most significant memories are inscribed. Some things are written there by love, others by a love that could have been something, but life being as it is, did not come to fruition.

Because whether we want it or not, there are relationships that gave us instants of brief but intense happiness. Fleeting moments that have remained for life in the deepest part of our being. Essences of bottles of perfume to open from time to time.


3. Every moment is valuable and cannot be repeated

We know that every step, every day, every event that we live in our romantic relationships is a gift that we can enjoy. Something like this requires intention, care and attention.

Each shared thing is part of a ritual where we find a unique sense of our commitment as a couple. Anyone who thinks that any relationship is the same as the previous one or that an “I love you” is enough to take everything for granted is wrong.

4. Love is a project, a dream to feed daily

This is another of Mario Benedetti’s most famous quotes on love. The heart that starts to follow the beat of boredom, that no longer finds incentives, and that is in a neutral routine, has forced commitments and kisses without passion, is useless, is not useful, not valid … it does not bring happiness.

5. Unconditional Love

Love is what it is, giving ourselves to the other where we must accept ourselves just as we are. Where the past is blurred to create a new present, without questions or answers. Just a blank page where we create a new story, our story.

holding hands

6. Love is for the brave

Love often demands that touch of risk and courage in order to let ourselves go, where we can set aside reservations, fears, doubts. This is another one of Mario Benedetti’s quotes on love where he encourages us to own our decisions. Why do we have to explain our past to anyone? Who cares who the owner of our heart is?

You have to be brave, you have to let yourself go.

7. Happiness now is a memory tomorrow

Missing someone is not bad. Yearning for past happiness is part of life, it means that we have taken advantage of life. We were able to love and someone loved us to build those moments that now are a legacy that is also part of who we are.

Giving up on it does not make sense. So, even if it hurts, even if you miss someone who is no longer around, we still become sick with nostalgia.  Do not be afraid to accept the past and understand that everything was worth it if it made us happy.




To finish, although there are many more quotes about love by Mario Benedetti, these are a small sample. A tiny part of his work to which we can always return enjoy the lyrics, stories, and poems of an unforgettable author.

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