The Direction Your Life Takes Depends on Your Values, not Goals

December 9, 2017 in Psychology 0 Shared
An Asian woman has her eyes closed with a hummingbird.

What mark would we like to leave on this world after everything is over? Sometimes we find ourselves feeling like we have no control. It feels like we’re on a big bus going anywhere our fellow passengers want. We make decisions based on what people around us say we should do. And so, we end up taking paths heading a completely direction than our values.

We carry baggage full of insecurity, getting heavier and heavier as time passes, and leaving no room for our values. As a result, we are blinded to the fact that time does not stop. And that turning back is not always possible.

Values ​​are life’s signposts

To begin with, a value is not an outcome or goal. A value cannot run out, it is always there. Values ​​define the words we use to shape our lives: acceptance, persistence, order, conformity, impartiality, intimacy. It is a long list of directions we use to choose goals that really matter to us.

Regrets at the wrong time

Bronnie Ware, a Canadian nurse, collected the last regrets of her patients in a palliative care unit over several years. An article published later by the Harvard Business Review corroborated the same information. There are 5 common regrets of people who are going to die, “I wish I…”:

Let’s remember the key is to anticipate this frustration, to find our values ​​and to set objectives which that give meaning to this journey of life. Psychological professionals help people go from words to action. The first step is to identify our values ​​and prioritize them based on where we are in life.

From that point, short and long term goals are established. This means our values ​​will form the pillars upon which we will be setting long-term goals. Objectives that really give us meaning and the opportunity to grow and be happy with ourselves.

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