The Sweet Taste of Romance

The Sweet Taste of Romance

Last update: 28 October, 2016

Lawyers, especially those who are experts in labor law say that “the devil is in the details,” because sometimes a single word can completely change the meaning of a legal text. Romantics, however, also know the value of details: “Paradise is in the details,” they would say.

No one knows when the fear of romance began to spread. It seems that everyone feels real terror at the thought of being called “corny.” Surely they do not know that romance is not necessarily corny and that what’s corny is not necessarily romantic. Like everything else, it is a matter of balance.

“A man who does not feed on his dreams ages soon”

-William Shakespeare-

What makes the difference between corny and romantic is artificiality. Corny is a poem that looks impressive with big words, instead of honestly expressing what you feel. Corny is every apparently affectionate gesture that seeks to disturb or generate admiration, rather than make the person you supposedly love feel good. And they are corny because they are false or distorted acts, and that’s what makes them ridiculous.

Romance gives color to life

Vanilla ice cream is vanilla ice cream anywhere. But if you serve it with some chopped pistachios, with some sauce on top, surely you’ll feel your ice cream may be much better. Also you experience a different satisfaction when eating it. Either way, you feel comforted, pampered, valued. The ice cream is no longer a simple ice cream.


Those details that are strictly unnecessary, from the functional point of view, sometimes give rise to a whole world of emotions, from the subjective point of view. They make any instant become a unique moment. They are so important that they are burned into our memory and are still remembered many years later.

The natural space to express romance is between a couple. If we have ever “made poetry” it has probably been precisely in those moments when we felt deeply in love. Flowers, chocolates, or cards, among others, are frequently associated with romantic love. They easily become the fuel that ignites the flame.

A romantic is a person with the ability to put colors to life. Not that love is dependent on romance, but rather it exalts through it. It undoubtedly grants some of the most unforgettable moments and makes a small moment become a real event.

The fear of being romantic

In short, a romantic detail is an expressed declaration of love and the importance that is given to someone else. It makes an ordinary fact become extraordinary. It is a sign of interest, concern and a willingness to exalt the other person. It usually causes surprise and allows you to experience a kind of fullness for a few moments.


However, many people love with caution. Interestingly, they do not want the other to discover how much they care or how much they would be willing to do for them. They handle love in an almost “executive” way, as a functional issue that is pursued the same way as you would repair a car. There is nothing extra. There are no exaggerations. Nothing “corny” exists, nor are there any suspicions of being overly sweet or too intense.

They give more importance to practical effects of love: mutual support, understanding, good communication, etc. But they do not believe that love dances to the rhythm of violins, or grows between whispers and perfumes.

What is human has no formulas. But it is true that life takes on a specialness when we have a person next to us who goes to the trouble of surprising us. It is also more colorful if we feel we are capable of awakening a sincere and grateful smile on someone when we express they are important through a detail. Romance is like the music that makes a song out of the words.


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