This Charming Videoclip Explains the Function of Love

This Charming Videoclip Explains the Function of Love

Last update: 19 October, 2022

What is the function of love? This is a question that we have all asked ourselves more than once, especially when we have just gotten out of a relationship. We are disappointed, feel abandoned and discouraged. The solitude and loneliness can be heartbreaking after everything the two of you shared and experienced together. And you still find them unique and special.

This situation is what leads us to ask this question. All of our desire to understand and comprehend what has happened is put into motion. We try to picture it in our minds, and when we view it from the outside, it almost seems like a parody.

Just as you can see in the videoclip of the song by Edith Piaf and Theo Sarapo. It portrays a caricature of what love is meant to be. On one hand we have Edith Piaf representing the sensations, the feelings and the emotional adventure that makes everything that comes out of it worthwhile. Unlike the man, Theo Sarapo, who represents uncertainty, reason, the need to comprehend, disorientation and the anguish of abandonment and solitude. Asking himself constantly, what is love even good for?

Edith piaf with Theo Sarapo

Love cannot be explained

In the emotional role represented by Edith Piaf in the videoclip, the first thing she says after asking about its function is that love cannot be explained. It simply is, and no one knows where it comes from. It hits you by surprise every time.

It’s true that love has played a starring role throughout history. Writers, philosophers, and artists have tried to analyze and explain it. Love is the star in show business, movies, music, theater, opera, etc. And though many explanations could be formulated about it, nothing can quite capture its meaning.

So many things have been said about love, and those of us who have felt it know that it is something inexplicable. It can only be transmitted between two hearts that love each other and feel that whirlwind of sensations. Where the world turns into a chest full of hope, gazes, intimate encounters and unique moments that will forever be etched into our souls.

Love cannot be explained, because it is a sigh and an eternity. It’s the sweet bitterness of being alive…

Why do we want to figure out love’s functions?

Knowing as we do that it is inexplicable, we still keep asking ourselves what it is meant to do or be over and over again. The answer will always be subjective and limited, just like our thoughts. Our tendency will be to understand everything that seems incomprehensible by its very nature.

Reason is very relevant in our lives, and when things go wrong for us in the field of love, thought takes over, and that is what makes us suffer. We start over-analyzing everything we experienced and lived, thinking of every past situation in which we could have acted or intervened in a different way.

Seeking reason in our lives through love is simply absurd. They are completely different energies. That’s why when we really let ourselves get carried away by it, everything becomes idealistic, marvelous and eternal. Since love has the quality of being eternal while it lasts..

cartoon people

Love is eternal

“Even when we have lost love, it still leaves a sweet taste behind. Love is eternal!”. That’s the message of the videoclip, attempting to answer the enigma of whether it is happiness or frustration. “Love serves to make us happy with tears in our eyes… it is sad and marvelous.”

At the end of the videoclip the real function and meaning of love is revealed. Through infinite promises that we make ourselves, it keeps the illusion of something that will be truly eternal while it lasts.

Going from one person to another, there doesn’t have to be just one forever. Love is capricious. It has no owner, nor explanation. It is an expression of the soul. It is the most beautiful energy that preserves the reason life is worth living.

If you are in that moment in which you are asking yourself what it is good for, what its functions are, I invite you to watch this lovely videoclip. And also, go ahead and keep this is mind:

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