Someone Like You Can Have No Master

Someone Like You Can Have No Master

Last update: 02 July, 2016

You must not allow anyone to control your actions, thoughts, and behaviors, because you are free and you do not deserve someone like that. A human being who believes himself to be the master of another is a toxic person that you must flee from with all your strength, for they will bring nothing good to your life, just a lot of negative things.

Why are there people who want to be the master of others?

Unfortunately, in this world upbringing and education are being changed into more of an indoctrination than a freedom to learn and teach other people to think. This fact creates serious problems, like a lack of values and an ability to recognize and accept oneself.

Furthermore, ambition is being changed into a foreign value that is of capital importance for a series of individuals who consider themselves to be superior to others and who use money and power as an excuse to control the destinies of others.

Shadow of Hand Chasing People

In reality, the lack of value for friendship, sensitivity, solidarity, understanding, and empathy leads many people down the completely wrong path, seeking happiness and bonding in money, power, and the lack of knowledge of oneself.

There are many lost people in the world who believe that through the use of domination and being the master of others, they can transform their surroundings into a better place. This idea is totally flawed.

What they are really doing is revealing their insecurities , causing others to be unhappy, and giving a false sense of pride that soon disappears. Their insecurity continues there, and they are not doing anything to treat it and improve in this fundamental aspect of their lives.

The master is the true slave

Actually, a person who acts as the owner of another or others is the true slave to himself. For inside him lives a permanent struggle against his insecurity in favor of controlling others, thinking that this will make him feel better.

But you, aware of yourself, capable of thinking and having a critical opinion, with your freedom of thought and action, must never let yourself be imprisoned by dominating people who throw all of their frustration onto you.

“The exercising of material dominance inevitably prepares for the very person practicing it a more or less accentuated slavery.”

-Herbert Spencer-

How to unmask an aspiring master?

You, who is able to think for yourself and who has a positive vision of life, a happy existence, and a great ability to give and receive, can unmask an aspiring master quite easily.

Girl with Mask

Focus on insecure people who think they are essential for everything, who demand much more than they offer, who believe that if they do not do something themselves, it will go badly, who are selfish, who are possessive, who only seek their own benefit, who only look for money, who do anything necessary to triumph, whatever the price may be…

As you can see, there are many clues that these insecure people leave behind them. They will be at your side when they need you and they will abandon you when they believe there is something better waiting for them.

They will try to dominate you, to make you feel guilty any time their insecurity arises, for if they cannot be your master, they do not feel comfortable, and they need you to be docile and at their service.

This is why you, who is able to think for yourself and who knows what you want in life, do not need nor deserve to have a master. You have to be free and happy, because you have worked very hard to know what your life and personality are like, and you act accordingly.

Avoid the master of your life, because chains are not made for human beings. Every person deserves the opportunity to be happy and free, but only through self-awareness can this be achieved.

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