Ignore Those Who Try to Darken Your Brightness

March 23, 2016

In order to be happy, we have to ignore many people. We have to learn to live and to pay no attention to the actions, words, and feelings that seek to bring us down.

Some people are simply conflictive and trouble us with their complaints, judgments, and drama. This can be overbearing, overwhelming, and highly toxic, because our wellbeing is affected by the uncertainty of their actions.

That’s why we have to avoid feeding into the interactions that suck our energy away and cloud our reality. So the first thing you have to learn is to ignore certain people in the moments when they are causing you harm.

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Distance yourself from everything that distances you from yourself

Distance yourself from the things that cause you harm, that darken your life, that seem ominous. Distance yourself from toxic people and your health will thank you. Don’t let your world crumble.

Seek to build a life that favors your wellbeing; and although suffering is inevitable from time to time and we should accept that, it’s essential that we know how to manage it. Sometimes you have to embrace your demons so they seem less bad.

Don’t forget that we have to unburden ourselves from time to time. The mind, like the body, should detox itself from free radicals, negative emotions, conflictive pasts, and unstable people.

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Let your suffering go

Saying goodbye to suffering might be a difficult task, but sometimes it’s important to stop and reestablish your priorities. You should try to free yourself from painful emotionsthe unhealthy ones that torment you and prevent you from evolving.

As Epictetus once said, “What disturbs men’s minds is not events but their judgements on events.” That’s why it’s important to know how to identify, express, and value our emotions strategically. We’ll see more about this below:

1. Expressing our feelings and emotions

It’s often said that sometimes we don’t need a brilliant mind to talk to us, we just need a patient heart to listen to us. Our emotions were meant to be experienced, so holding them back out of fear will only blur our reality. For example, if we accumulate sadness, we end up facilitating the development of depression.

2. Analyzing the beliefs that sustain painful emotions

It’s normal to worry about doing well in school, but we can’t dwell on our mistakes, because all that will do is add to the negative feelings. There’s no worse torment than the kind that is formed in your head.

Thinking “it’s terrible that our son has left home,” is not the same as thinking “even though we’re sad that he’s left, it’s normal that he’s done so.” The former favors the development of anxiety and depression.

We can mold this type of reasoning to different emotions. In this way, we have to fight to avoid embarrassment, but not disappointment; to eliminate guilt, but not remorse; and to get rid of our rage, but not our anger.

3. Transforming, liberating, and purifying those feelings and emotions

Simply analyzing our emotions and feelings is not enough; we should also explore what’s hiding behind them. This is the only way to free ourselves. A little bit of insanity might inevitably remain in our emotions and thoughts, but we have to understand that we shouldn’t feed into it.

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Don’t let the people who make your world beautiful get away

Don’t let the people who make your world beautiful leave you. Instead, let the ones who take the beauty away leave. Keep everything and everyone that helps you and makes you a better person. 

Suffering, enduring difficulties, and sacrificing your life does not validate you as a human being or make you better; you’ll just feel tormented and waste away. Surrounding yourself with negative people will darken everything that shines within you.

Protect and enrich your life with relationships that sustain your well-being, and do it always with sincerity, love, and respect. Keep your door open to good people and ignore everything that brings you down. Your health will thank you.