Sensitive People Do Everything from the Heart

Sensitive People Do Everything from the Heart

Last update: 19 September, 2016

People who appear out of nowhere and bring light into our lives are true angels. These are the sensitive people who are made of purity and do everything from the heart, and even if their soul is full of scars, they can still make our own lives more beautiful.

Sensitivity isn’t just a way of being, it’s a way of living and sharing journeys. Sensitive people empower others through feelings and emotions, both their own and those of other people. But there will always be those who criticize sensitivity, who see it as a sign of weakness, who can’t see the strength that it actually carries.

Sensitive people know that having emotions is often punished. People make us believe that they make us less effective, strong, and capable of making decisions. They make us believe that sensitivity makes us vulnerable, that it’s synonymous with inefficiency.

Some people say that good people today are a mistake of nature, but the truth is that every one of us, deep down, has our own kindness within. We all smile at the world in the most beautiful way that we know how.

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Balloons of emotion in a world full of pins

Sensitive people are balloons of emotion in a world full of pins. Emotions and feelings give shape to them, characterize them, and at the same time, make them pay a high price for it.

Their worries, emotions, and ways of being inflate the balloon. And then there are the pins, which pierce the balloon and scatter their emotions, and the explosion often causes traumatic and irreparable damage.

Fortunately this has started to change, and emotions are being more valued, and more importantly, better taken care of. This adds to their growth and validates their inner world.

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Being sensitive and generous is the key to happiness

According to a study published by the journal Emotion, acts of generosity and sensitivity towards others make us feel better. Katherine Nelson, expert on the subject and author of the study, stated that: “Those assigned to engage in self-focused behavior did not report improved psychological flourishing, positive emotions, or negative emotions relative to controls.”

She said that they expected the results of their study to show that prosocial behaviors would lead people to feel more positive emotions and to feel more fulfilled. However, it surprised her to see that ” engaging in self-focused behaviors (or acts of self-kindness) neither improved psychological flourishing nor led to increases in positive emotions or decreases in negative emotions”

This is a significant finding. People are often encouraged to give themselves little rewards to feel better, but the results of the study suggest that the best thing we can do for ourselves is to make someone else happy.

Doing things for other people makes us feel better, more satisfied, and more complete. Being a sensitive person and connecting and empathizing with the people around us opens up a wonderful world of positive emotions and beautiful feelings.

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Kindness can be shown through understanding looks, sincere actions, and all the wisdom that comes with closeness. It is seen in the hope of changing the world, finding justice, and being generous.

So focusing on the well-being of others makes us better people and gives us the opportunity to explore the world from the heart, healing the wounds that once broke us on the inside.

If there’s anything that makes us better people and helps us climb the mountains before us more easily, it’s kindness. Because being a good person is the only investment that never fails; instead, it always benefits both yourself and the rest of the world.

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