Projecting to Make My Wishes Come True

Projecting to Make My Wishes Come True

Last update: 21 February, 2022

Projecting into the future is not easy, although it is essential to move forward in life and not be blocked or stuck on a problem, your current stage in life or the past.

To get our wishes to come true, we must take a step forward by believing in them, and directing all our energy on their projection. It is essential to resolve issues of the past so that we do not carry unnecessary weight that would prevent us from moving from the present into the future.

The weight of the past

To move forward, it is necessary for us to review our burdens. They are those which we accumulate throughout our life, and they can prevent us from getting to where we want to go.

For that reason, looking at the past becomes a necessity when in it there are still issues to set in place, or emotions to resolve. And only when this happens will we allow ourselves to advance without any burdens and all the teachings we’ve experienced thus far.

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The need to look at the past

We could say that contrary to what some people tell us, it is sometimes necessary to look into the past. Not with an attitude of being drowned, stuck, blocked and suffering from it. Rather in order to address unresolved emotions, so that we can move on to new experiences and release that which kept us stuck.

“Just closing the doors behind oneself will open windows toward the future”

-Françoise Sagan-

In the past are the footprints of our journey. Those that will redirect our lives to the most appropriate path when properly defined. We will be aware of them and discover who we are, because of the experiences we have had and the lessons learned along the way.

The encounter with oneself

To project into the future, it is essential to be calm and in connection with ourselves. To do this it is essential to rediscover our essence, discover what will make us happy, and find out what our dreams and deepest desires are. To achieve this, we must free ourselves from everything that has limited us in life: suffering, burdens and self-imposed limits.

Rediscovering ourselves is reaching the depths of our soul in order to know what we want. To get there, we will have to dive into the emotions that block us or make us suffer, get rid of them and keep moving forward.

Starting from the present

Once we have released ourselves from the accumulated burdens of the past, suffering and the blocks that hold us down, we can focus on the present, on the now. And from here, we can build a new road towards the future. The future always begins in the present with what we have learned from the past. Living the present is the only starting point to fulfill our desires in the future.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

-Eleanor Roosevelt-

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Every time we allow ourselves to enjoy live it is a step in the right direction, and one that will certainly lead us towards our dreams. Being happy in the present indicates that we are on the right track and it will be easier for us to project our lives towards the goals we want to meet.

Projecting into the future

Projecting means visualizing yourself, setting a goal and looking consciously and unconsciously for a way to reach it. When “we are where we want to go” it means that “we’re there with all our energy,” so every event of the present is identified as a step toward that cherished desire.

If our mind “is there,” it is very easy to find the path to getting there because we will incessantly seek to achieve this, day and night. We will surely get it, no matter how long it takes us, as the searching for the path to getting there is worth it.

Building the future is projecting yourself in it from the present.

We can dive into our subconscious mind through techniques that allow us to immerse ourselves and deepen our emotions, or through our intuition: discovering our inner guidance to make the right decisions.

Each step will be closer to our destination and our happiness. As we pursue our dreams and deepest desires, we will achieve them if we project ourselves from the present, solve the interference of the past, and put all our energy on the journey, without stopping, until we succeed.

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