Happiness: A Path To Be Taken

Happiness: A Path To Be Taken
Sergio De Dios González

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Sergio De Dios González.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

Happiness is something we all search for. That feeling of complete satisfaction, of total contentment that is so difficult to describe. It is that feeling of peace in which everything is perfect.

However, routine, daily burdens, work, lack of vacation… all of these present us with difficult and stressful feelings that are hard to overcome. Furthermore, all of this, on top of the problems that life can unexpectedly throw at us, can turn us into disagreeable, angry, and embittered people. So, what can we do about this?

Searching for happiness should be your priority. If you aren’t happy, change! Change whatever it is that is making you miserable.

Changing and modifying your life to give happiness a place in it can be difficult if not impossible for many reasons. However, this article will help you find it in little things that you can do. There is a path before you that can lead you to happiness. Maybe you have already passed it, maybe you have ignored it, or you don’t know how or where to find it. This article will help you. Happiness is waiting for you.

Heal yourself and forgive the past 

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We all have sad memories from the past. They are moments in which we experienced something trying or difficult, but also ones that taught us something. Who doesn’t have sad moments in their life? Seize them, don’t ignore them! Begin to heal from them. The key is to  forgive, not only others but also yourself. 

Maybe you have experienced moments of frustration, misunderstanding, or unavoidable tragedies. We all pass through periods of sadness, of negativity. Forgive others and forgive yourself for these moments. If you were responsible for something, forgive yourself; it has passed. Now is the moment to change things, to move on, and to not go back to making the same mistakes again.

Heal your memories and look towards the future. You know very well that learning from your mistakes will allow you to be a better person. It will bring you closer to the happiness you long for. Don’t hold grudges, and don’t embitter yourself because of things that have happened in the past. What is  important is the present ; the ability to change is in your hands. Don’t punish yourself, and don’t think about the past. Today is what matters. 

Enjoy and find happiness in everything you have 

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We often long for what we already, unknowingly, have. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is good to have a positive vision of the future, and to want to continue growing and achieving great things. But, what about what you have right now? That idealized vision of your future can cloud your present. Maybe you want to one day live in the house of your dreams, or make a lot of money. Maybe you want to meet your soulmate.

But in dreaming of these things you aren’t able to realize that by focusing so much on what you want, you forget about what you have. It is good to set goals for yourself, but you have to be prepared and aware of the possibility that you may never reach them. And if they don’t ever come to pass, it’s ok!

Be humble; look around you. Enjoy your friends, your things. Enjoy everything that you can right now. Happiness, sometimes, does not come with that which you long for. Society can sometimes influence you to believe that having more things, or more money, is the only way to make yourself happier. Don’t fall into that trap. Happiness will be with you as long as you want it to be.

Happiness resides within you; you will not find it in that which you want.

Value yourself and achieve your dreams

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Just as previously mentioned above, we often believe that happiness is not part of us but rather something that we can get. For starters, you need to value and appreciate yourself. Do you really believe that you can enjoy something if you do not enjoy yourself? Think about it. It is the same concept behind the idea that you cannot love someone else unless you love yourself. How can you do something you don’t understand?

Learn to respect yourself,  and to believe in yourself and your happiness. Learn to give yourself the value you deserve, and to value your hopes and dreams. For example, what happened to that trip you wanted to take? Or that language you wanted to learn? What about that friend that you said you were going to visit?

To be happy, you should learn to begin to fulfill your dreams starting now. No more procrastination that will turn into waiting a month, and then a year. If you want to do something, do it! We only live once. Are you really going to wait to be able to find happiness?

Don’t wait any longer to take the path towards your own happiness. The choice to do it today resides within you now. Don’t lose any more time. Spend your life doing what you truly want to do. Now is the time to enjoy, and always with a clear mind. What can be said with certainty is that you will not regret for one second that moment of madness in which you decided to bet on your dreams.

Images courtesy of Mariana Kalacheva and Pascal Campion 

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