If You Dare To Teach, Never Stop Learning

If You Dare To Teach, Never Stop Learning
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 14 December, 2021

All of us are aware that it is one thing to know and another, very different thing to teach. We know how hard teaching is, and yet, we often really do not value it.

I like to claim that education is the ball gown for attending the party of life. I like this because it is an honest and inspiring quote, because it touches something inside me and makes me remember…

Remember and thank all of those people who dared at some point in my life and still today dare to teach me. And it is true that teaching is the most noble goal that a person can have, the most noble and the most productive.

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The art of learning to teach

Being a good educator is achieved through a magical formula that mixes several ingredients. Teaching requires control over many skills and a great number of competencies. Let us look at some of them…

Concern for life and the world

True concern for teaching goes beyond the limits of pedagogy; it is something much more personal. It is a concern for educating hearts and emotions.

Good teaching is the kind that marks you forever, that leaves a footprint, that makes you question, that allows for doubts, that inspires learning. That is only built on one foundation: the foundation of concern and admiration of one who educates for life.

Love for books and reading

Feeling total adoration for all objects that spread knowledge, a love for books and the pleasure that is contained within them.


Love for your students

Whether they are children or not, it is vital that a person who dares to teach love the condition of all those whom they have to help learn. Good teachers can accomplish this, even if they cannot manage to put it into words.

Control of your emotions

It is said that before teaching someone to read, you have to teach them to appreciate the value of things. They try to put themselves in their students’ shoes, identify their emotions, and use them with love for the singular purpose of making the pupil grow, develop, and put all their hopes and dreams in themselves.

Only with the help of good teachers (life teachers or professional ones) can we learn to love, to appreciate serenity, and to stand up straight.

The most infinite patience and serenity

Teachers have the great ability to transform frustration and desperation into serene, wise, and perseverant energy. In other words, what really counts is the sum of all that is taught and how it is taught.

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What we owe our teachers and educators

Carl Jung was right when he said that we remember the brilliant teachers with appreciation and those who touched our hearts with gratitude. We owe infinite thanks to those people who teach us, taught us, and who teach our children.

Just as we never stop trying to incorporate new knowledge in our repertoire to educate our children, each day, teachers leave their houses with satisfaction and frustration that pushes them to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Saying that teachers teach is cutting things short. A good teacher is a teacher by calling, someone who not only teaches but also stimulates our memory, our intelligence, our sensitivity, and our imagination. This is someone who wakes our brains up and who shows us the importance of being patient.

Teachers are the salvation of society because they give each and every one of their students a passport of enlightenment. Thanks to them, our lives and future overflow, thanks to their invitation to thought, thanks to their words and inspiration.


You will teach them to fly, but they will not fly your flight.
You will teach them to dream, but they will not dream your dreams.
You will teach them to live, but they will not live your life.
You will teach them to sing, but they will not sing your song.
You will teach them to think, but they will not think like you.
But you will know that every time they fly, dream, live, sing, and think,
You will be in them, the seed of a road taught and learned.

Maria Teresa of Calcutta

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