Misunderstandings Can Create a Chasm Between Lovers

Misunderstandings Can Create a Chasm Between Lovers

Last update: 28 July, 2022

The world is full of people who await the return of someone they have let go; and of people who don’t dare come back, even though they want to. Because many times we let negative things, like unfounded beliefs, misunderstandings and anger, weigh more than genuine feelings. 

As people tend to say, life is a long journey. In which, we learn to take advantage of the good and leave the bad things behind. What happens is that we tend to do this late in the game. Therefore, we lose many valuable things along the way.

Thus, since understanding the different ways of communication, the intentions and realities of others is complicated, it is good for us to attend to our mind. This way we can minimize the possibility of distancing ourselves from the people we love.


It all depends on how we relate to flowers and weeds

We can comprehend and consider our mind a radio that is always turned on and tuned into the same station. Sometimes the radio can tell us some wonderful things. However, at other times, it tells us things that hurt us greatly.

Although we cannot change the station, it is within our power to stop paying attention to every little thing it says. With that attitude, we will manage to stop taking everything that the radio (our mind) tells us so seriously. And we will stop pausing our lives every time the radio (our mind) tells us something we don’t like.

To go even further and explain this better, I need you to imagine that you are a gardener and that the plants within your garden are the things you want in life. What would these plants be? What does each one of them look like?

As gardeners, each one of us is the only one responsible for the care of our plants, of planting new seeds, looking after and watering them. Hence, how do you think you are caring for your garden? What do you have to do? What does caring for each one of your plants imply?

Nevertheless, plants don’t always grow the way we would like. Flowers may emerge where we didn’t want them, and they may grow more slowly than we planned. They may even wither and wilt despite all of our care and efforts. The important thing is how you dedicate yourself to them. If you don’t, what is keeping you from doing so? What stands in your way of your daily chores with them?


Occasionally within gardens, undesired weeds tend to also sprout. And we try desperately to rip them out. To understand the consequences this can have, imagine a gardener that rips out weeds as soon as he sees them. But the weeds sprout once more, over and over. Then, the gardener rips them out once more. But despite all of his efforts, they always come back.

We can say that this gardener is probably wasting his time on something he doesn’t like, while he leaves the plants that truly matter abandoned. He must ask himself whether he is willing to take care of the ones that truly matter, despite the fact that within his garden something may sprout that is not of his liking.

This reasoning can be applied in every aspect of life in order to attenuate the tendency of focusing on the things we dislike. Without a doubt, this is one of the main reasons behind misunderstandings. And these perpetuate and keep us away from the people we love in the most sincere and genuine way.

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