Nothing Feels Better Than Doing What They Said You Weren't Capable Of

Nothing Feels Better Than Doing What They Said You Weren't Capable Of

Last update: 01 March, 2018

In life, there will be times when we want to do something risky. That’s when people will tell us that we aren’t capable of doing it. Maybe it’s because sometimes people transfer their frustrations and inabilities onto others.

It’s important to listen to others, but our success will depend largely on ourselves. We will never know beforehand if something will do us good or bad, but knowing that the decision is ours to make is the first step to getting what we desire.

In the times in which we live, changes are not only inevitable, but they’re happening much faster. It’s normal to feel almost dizzy in a world where an idea can be avant-garde today and gone tomorrow.

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Why do others not see us as capable of making our dreams come true?

In general, most people who aren’t willing to go after their dreams like the safe route better. They spend the best years of their lives doing jobs they don’t like, doing what others want in order to stay in their comfort zone and be safe from fear.

These people delay their plans thinking that they still don’t have enough experience, security or support to do what they really want. Hence, their frustration is born when they see that others do have the security or determination that they lack. They cut our wings, unconsciously, disguising their envy as prudent advice.

Making our dreams reality is an uncertain, difficult road, but the reward of living life how we want overrules all the disappointments and inconveniences along the way. It’s time to stop making excuses and stop postponing things you can do today. Now is the perfect time to start living your dreams and believe that you are capable of doing it.


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When you connect with something, it gives you a reason to live.

Why should we trust that we are capable?

Self-confidence is a crucial element of success. We cannot expect our circumstances to improve if we do not trust ourselves and our capabilities. We have the ability to make the world change in our favor if we actually start to walk in that direction.

Self-confidence is a healthy way to communicate with the world. It is the ability to defend oneself honestly and respectfully. Every day, we face situations where having confidence and security can be of great help. This goes for problems at work, in relationships, etc.

This style of communication can help us to do what we want, but it is much more than that. When we feel secure about ourselves, we respect ourselves and respect others. Secure people are usually good at resolving conflicts and disagreements and, ultimately, people who respect are often respected.


You are capable: an older man riding a bicycle by a pond.

Self-confidence, plus a dose each of effort and sacrifice, will bring you to one of the best feelings in life. Doing something that others said you weren’t capable of. Not only have you won in the least encouraging circumstances, but you now get to enjoy the pleasure of proving them wrong.


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