I'm Too Old Not to Fulfill My Desires

I'm Too Old Not to Fulfill My Desires

Last update: 12 June, 2017

In the end, almost without knowing how, the day arrives. Something within us awakens to tell us that we are no longer young enough to not fulfill our desires. That we no longer give any value to halfhearted hugs, unmotivated attempts or moonless nights. In the end, we reach that stage where fears crumble. We reach a stage where limits stop being chasms, so that we can try to reach new opportunities.

Jorge Luis Borges stated in the epilogue of his “Complete Works” that we, as people, are our pasts, our blood, all of the books we have read and all of the people we have ever met. However, to this list we have to add something else. We are also all of the things we weren’t able to do in their due time. We are those voids, those failed attempts where our desires were not fulfilled. Desires which weigh down on us much more heavily than the mistakes we made.

“Failure is the opportunity to start over with more intelligence.”
-Henry Ford-

Before we tell ourselves that “I no longer can at my age” or “these types of things aren’t for someone like me”, we should be able to detach from that sad melancholy. To do so in order to recover our hunger, to add on the will and pleasure we have to live with our hands full and our hearts lit.

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