Maybe You Are In Your Comfort Zone

Maybe You Are In Your Comfort Zone

Last update: 22 May, 2016

We all like to feel safe and calm within our lives. We like to have stability and feel like we have everything under control.

But sometimes we overvalue this feeling out of fear of change and we miss a ton of opportunities, life lessons, and experiences. In these cases we can say that we are spending too much time in our comfort zone. We’re missing out on experiences that would certainly help us feel happier with ourselves if we only dared to experience them. Why? Because, each time we overcome new challenges, as small as they may be, our self-esteem goes up; we learn, we grow, and we mature as people.

This is something like being at the edge of a swimming pool where everyone is having fun while we do not dare jump because the water is too cold… until maybe someone pushes us and we say, “Oh this is so great, why didn’t I get in before!” Well, that is getting out of your comfort zone.

Sitting in a Hammock

How can you know if you are in your comfort zone?

You are afraid to take on new challenges

If you have no desire to go bungee jumping, why are you going to go do it? But if you do want to, why don’t you do it? That is the difference between being in your comfort zone and not being in it.

When we want to do something but we do not because of fear, or we deprive ourselves of something that we would like in exchange for a continued sense of security where we were, we find ourselves sitting in our comfort zone.

“The mind that opens up to a new idea never returns to its original size.”

 –Albert Einstein

You want to move forward in some area, but you always stop yourself

You would like to take a trip by yourself, you dream about it or you would like to try speaking to that person whom you’re so attracted to, but fear and the security you already have in your life paralyze you. Then you are undoubtedly in your comfort zone.

Your body gives you physical evidence

When you try to do something new that you like and that attracts you, your hands start to sweat, you have butterflies in your stomach, you feel a certain sense of nausea…

Our bodies also warn us about these changes; it is sometimes so selfish that it even collaborates in paralyzing us. Though you can always change your perspective — listen your body’s signs but don’t assume your body knows all.

You feel bad about yourself

When you do not dive in, you later feel bad about yourself; you feel guilty for not having been able to stand up to the challenge.

Guilt is associated with looking toward the past and sometimes with playing the victim. It can also be an indicator that we are in our comfort zone.

How to get out of your comfort zone?

1. Take on new challenges

As small as they may be, give yourself small challenges.

Do you want to travel but you are afraid because you have a small sickness, some difficulty, or you have never been in an airplane? Then take a small trip, the next one a bit bigger, the next one a bit more… you will see how you start overcoming that obstacle little by little.

2. Take a risk without fear

We all have to take certain precautions, that is clear, but it is also true that life is here to be lived, not to be thought about.

Take the risk of that person you like so much telling you, “no;” try out that new position that they offered you even though you do not think you are going to measure up, even though they may fire you…

Later, when all of that is over, even if you think that you have failed because of all of the times you were told, “no,” think about the fact that it really is not that way: those were not failures , they were triumphs.

You have come out stronger; now you are better able to stand up to new challenges. Now you can face rejection because that is part of life. Knowing how to welcome it as a friend, that is a one more challenge that you have overcome.

Comfort Zone and Challenge Sign

3. Read up on emotional intelligence

We are often chained to our old and obsolete thoughts. Reading opens up new horizons, and one particularly helpful topic is emotional intelligence.

You will start seeing a lot of things in a different light. Maybe you will stop giving so much importance to things that really do not matter, maybe you will now feel luckier, etc.

4. Learn from people with emotional intelligence

There are many people who have an innate emotional intelligence. Simply spending a while with them, you will end up saying, “I feel good as new.” Do not lose contact with them and absorb their experiences.

5. And above all else, do not get overwhelmed…Go step by step

Take your time. Do not hurry; each one of us has our own life rhythm. The important thing is that you move forward in the things you want and desire.

And remember, stability can give you peace, but there will come a time when this will limit you and keep you from moving forward. Take risks and throw yourself into things so that you can reach your goals. Get out of your comfort zone!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.