Making Love Is Also Laughing Together

Making Love Is Also Laughing Together

Last update: 27 September, 2016

Making love is one of the most beautiful and satisfying experiences that we can have with another person. There are people who maintain that they always make love and others who say that they always have sex. There is of course not just one correct answer; rather, each person is different and perceives situations in a different way.

Curiously enough, the Eskimos call making love “laughing together.” In this way, they eliminate any sense of guilt or shame and use a term that denotes the complicity and fun of intimacy with the person we love.

“Making love implies a connection with the love that is not given at all times, not even between two people who love each other.”

-Jorge Bucay-

With the use of new technology today, we communicate regularly with our cell phones. As a result, it is common to see couples or groups of people in bars, in the street, and in many other places totally concentrated on their telephone and giving up the chance to create a pleasant memory with the people who are around them. This supposes a certain dehumanization since what seems to bring us closer actually pushes us further and further apart.

Sharing our intimacy with someone is much more than sex; it is complicity, affection, it helps understanding, respect, and honesty. This is a group of values that seems to be going away, maybe because we are afraid of showing ourselves as we really are in front of another person.

Woman Sleeping on Man's Chest

Making love is creating intimacy with someone

Intimacy with another person is not created by baring our body to that person. It is created by sharing time, enjoying conversations so that we can gradually get to know the other person and let them know us. It is created by discovering shared or different hobbies. Each of us is a universe made up of many elements that make us unique and that require time and closeness to be discovered and appreciated.

“The soul that can speak through the eyes can also kiss with a gaze.”

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

Making love is sharing

Sharing our time with a person that we appreciate is something unique, because these are moments that are not going to happen again. But it is also a matter of sharing glances, caresses, or kisses filled with meaning.

There are times when we just have to look at a person that we know well so that they will understand what we are thinking and vice-versa. If they look at us, we will know exactly what they want to say, without there being a need for any words.

Candlelit Dinner

Making love is having fun

Having fun with someone, sharing funny moments, creates great intimacy and complicity with the other person. Sometimes, as a way to protect ourselves, we maintain a serious attitude, but our sense of humor is a quality that creates empathy and that brings us closer.

Making love is showing affection

Making love is not just being in bed with another person and having sex. Making love is caressing, it is looking at that person, it is enjoying that intimacy that we are creating together.

Furthermore, affection for another person is shown by helping and supporting that person when they need it, giving them a hug when they are sad, showing them our support with a simple touch.

Couple Smiling At Each Other in Bed

Making love is being yourself

Sexuality implies much more than the act of sex itself, because it is not a matter of spending a while together in bed with someone, having sex, and going away. Sexuality can be manifested in countless ways: a simple walk holding hands, looking at each other over a candle-lit table, casually brushing against them, a random message, meeting up in an unexpected place.

We seem to have a fear of being ourselves; we are not afraid to have them see our naked body, but yet we hide the deepest depths of our soul so that nobody can see it.

We are afraid to show who we are and what we are like. We are scared to show our faults, our virtues, and our miseries. But only by being ourselves will we be able to enjoy a fulfilling relationship with another person. We must put down the masks and be ourselves.

“Making love is undoing the light, redoing the story, abandoning the cross, biting desire, taking off the disguise, scraping fingers together, letting the soul in peace.”

-Miguel Mateos-

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