Making Love Has Serious Benefits For Your Health

May 8, 2016

Love can only be made with love. Be this love out of passion and desire or love from giving into a feeling. Making love is feeling, it is touching, it is listening and supporting each other, hugging each other with bodies, and giving in to create countless marvels and hundreds of sensations.

Making love is the best of all sports, for each body in the playing field is capable of marveling at the “opponent” and itself, of whitewashing irritation, of sustaining the strand of pleasure, of listening to their skin, and of clearing their mind. And all of this with no audiences but the two bodies sinking into their essence.

What is certain is that the benefits of healthy sexual activity are unfathomable. To understand this, we have to realize that sex and the best way of living our sexual potential transcends the field of sexual activity and can be found in each behavior that makes us up as men and women.

So when we speak here about making love, we are not only referring to sexual intercourse, but also to the exploration of our sexuality, of our desires, and of our wills. This is doubtlessly an essential part of our identity and, as such, we have to let ourselves enjoy and satisfy it.

Feet of Lovers

Making love contributes to our mental and physical balance

Making love encourages the psychological, physical, and emotional balance that we need to be at peace with ourselves, stop the frustrations of others from affecting us, and guarantee healthy interaction with our surroundings.

We have to keep in mind that foreplay is everything that happens 24 and even 48 hours before sexual contact, which is why our disposition towards pleasure and orgasm will greatly depend upon both our physical and mental state.

Only in the right circumstances can we foster the benefits of making love. If we do it listlessly, out of a compromise, or filled with fear, at the end, the negative sensations will probably overshadow the positive, and therefore, the balance is thrown off even more.

Woman's Lower Body

Making love with oneself, another fantastic way to love (ourselves)

Exploring our sexuality in an individual way is essential for fully enjoying our own body and the sensations that this biological marvel allows us to have. In fact, we should never stop doing it, not even when we have an active shared sexual life.

Moving into the terrain of our intimacy allows us to know what we like and what we do not, which is essential not only because it promotes healthy self-esteem and a great love for oneself, but also because this will help us to have more pleasurable relationships with others.

Let’s say that we cannot lead our sexual partner towards what we like if we do not even know how to go down that path. Exploring ourselves, we manage to make side roads, wide freeways.

Feather on Neck

The desire for our body presents itself as an emerging request to declare our self-love, personal satisfaction, and intimate communication. It is natural to make love with oneself, although it is also normal for it to be difficult to do this at times.

It is not about retreating into our bodies and putting ourselves inside our bubble, for given that we are body and mind, maybe when our physical need is ready, the emotional or social are not up to the job. We have to keep all of this in mind, for not feeling like it does not mean that we have lost our sexual capacity.

In this sense, coordination and communication are required to make our personal and cultural barriers flexible, as we can only reassess our sexuality in this way.

Half-Naked Couple in Kitchen

Enjoying and making love always offers us benefits

Total sexual abstinence in word and action can have negative results at the physical and psychological level, because at the end of the day, we are denying ourselves the chance to live with a natural part of ourselves. As such, not allowing ourselves this brings a certain frustration with it.

On the other hand, given that our mind releases endorphins when we have sex, we can say goodbye to stress while also greeting a more euphoric mood.

Investigating our body is giving foothold to a much more healthy self-esteem and sexual, emotional, and personal identity. Furthermore, sharing the heat of our skin means betting on well being, on balance, on a goodbye to irritability and stress.

Couple Making Love

Other benefits of a healthy sex life are living longer, keeping our skin healthier, sharpening our feelings, improving the quality of our sleep, burning calories, getting rid of physical (and emotional) pain, increasing our attraction, and widening the smile on our faces.

So, really thinking about it, making love is one of the best ways to improve the quality of our life and our surroundings. Who doesn’t want to be healthy like this?